Office furniture teaches you how to match the colors of office furniture

Professional psychologists believe that the color of office furniture has a very close relationship with mood. Red is exciting, and blue is calming; people who are depressed tend to have passion from red; blue can make people feel depressed and lonely; dark colors can make people feel contraction; light colors can make people expand Sense, highlighting the tall. Office environments of different natures should be colored according to their needs. reminds you to pay attention to the following aspects when placing office furniture.  The office of a creative person should be bright.  The nature of the work of the staff is also a factor that needs to be considered when designing colors. Offices that require staff to work attentively and steadily, such as scientific research institutions, should use light colors; offices that require staff to be active in thinking and often discuss with each other, such as creative planning departments, should use bright, bright, and jumping colors as embellishments. Stimulate the imagination of the staff. Low office buildings should be light-colored old-fashioned office buildings. The area of u200bu200beach office is not large, but the house is very high, and it is easy to feel empty and deserted; while the new office building has a large office area, but the house is very short, and many people are concentrated. Working in a large room makes it easy to feel crowded and depressed. To adjust the uncomfortable feeling of the building itself, it is necessary to make good use of colors.   Old-fashioned office buildings usually have dark brown wooden walls. The dark color can make people feel shrinking. And dark brown is a calming color, so the wall should be lighter, and the ground must be darker to avoid being top-heavy.   In a new-style office building, lighter colors should be chosen, because light colors can create a sense of expansion and highlight the size of the office. It is good to use light blue or light green to make the wall color, but it is best not to use beige, because beige makes people feel drowsy. If there is dust, it will look old. Shady offices should be warm and sunny. Offices with plenty of sunlight make people feel happy, while some offices are shaded and even have no windows. It feels cold to enter inside. Therefore, it is best not to use cool colors in such an office, brick red, Indian red, and orange red. Wait for the color to make people feel warm. And the walls must not use highly reflective colors, otherwise it will make employees feel tired due to light stimulation, lose energy, and virtually reduce work efficiency. The styles of meeting rooms and offices are different. Many companies’ meeting rooms and offices are almost the same, except that the desk is replaced with a meeting table, which makes people unable to focus on the speaker; and some company meeting rooms are well arranged. Like a leader’s office, people feel that it lacks a democratic atmosphere. In fact, the main color of the conference room may be the same as that of the office, but the color of the desks and chairs can be similar to those of middle managers, making ordinary employees feel a step up, while senior managers can lean down to listen and give With the feeling of uploading and distributing, all people participating in the meeting can speak freely on an equal footing.  The color of the executive chair should be deep.   believes that the colors used in the office of a unit must not only be the same overall, but also consider the differences in local colors to distinguish the different levels of employees. For example, the desks of ordinary employees of a company are light gray, and the staff chairs are dark red. It is a lively embellishment in the entire cool tone, and it allows the leader to see at a glance which employee is not in the seat; if middle managers and senior managers The staff’s desk is made of wood grain brown, so the middle management staff’s seat can be set to blue-gray, while the upper management staff’s seat is black, showing solemnity and authority.
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