Office furniture trend summary

In fact, office furniture is also very fashionable. So, what is the trend of office furniture? Let's go and have a look with the editor of Guangzhou now! 1. Rationality and pragmatism-focus on deepening the design of office furniture companies to return to a more rational and pragmatic period, no longer blindly pursue high-tech, dazzling intelligence, this exhibition companies did not launch more beautiful and eye-catching product designs, but more Focus on re-examining product performance and cost control, upgrading from the perspective of product durability and cost-effectiveness, and fully considering the humanized needs of classic office furniture routing and storage design. 2. Gradually evolve the concept of environmental protection from small to large environmental protection. Pursuing environmental protection is one of the eternal trends, and the understanding of enterprises is gradually deepening: small environmental protection-environmental protection of materials, pursuit of zero formaldehyde release materials (oriented strand board, pure solid wood, etc.), and environmental protection- Pursue environmentally friendly design, emphasizing 100% recycling of classic office furniture. 3. Systematization of office concepts. Brands gradually pursue systematization of office concepts: architectural design, interior design, and furniture design jointly carry the business owners and even higher levels. With high hopes, various brands will gradually explore the concept of systematic office under this background, and some companies have begun to base their roots on fundamental research on office forms, and provide consumers with humanized overall office environment solutions. The 2016 classic office furniture exhibition showed many bright spots. Due to the gradual development of market competition, some companies have been eliminated from the competition, and some outstanding companies have come to the fore. It is hoped that this sharing of office trends can bring new thinking and inspiration to colleagues in the industry. Let us pay attention to the development and trends of the office furniture industry.

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