Paint production process of office furniture

Designing classic office furniture according to customer requirements, with a sense of creativity, production and inspection technology is also a highlight. In the production of products, we insist on strictly following the standard process flow. Manual polishing is used for rounded corners and other places that are easy to scratch, just to give users safer and better office appliances. In terms of product inspection, every step must be inspected and every step must be inspected, especially when it comes to the use of safe small parts and small details, and strive to achieve the ultimate in every product. At the same time, the products have also passed the US CMA and CAL certification, and the quality is guaranteed, so that users can buy and use with peace of mind. Material selection and processing 1. Cutting equipment: generally use high-density imported electronic saws and sliding table saws;    2. Quality requirements: the allowable error of the opened wool size is ≤ 2mm; the allowable error of the diagonal line is ± 1mm u200bu200bafter fine-cutting and clearing. The allowable error of length and width is within ±0.5mm; the workpiece is cut vertically after cutting, and no obvious chipping and saw marks are allowed. Laminating 1. Mechanical equipment and operation: There are hot press and cold press, the hot pressing time is 3-5 minutes, and the temperature is controlled at 100-150℃ to complete the preliminary gluing between the veneer and the fiberboard; the cold press is mainly used for The board and the veneer glue are integrated, the cold pressing time is 24 hours, the pressure is 4-6T;   2, the quality requirements of the veneer: the veneer shall not have blisters or seams after hot pressing; the board does not crack after cold pressing. Unequal phenomenon of rubber and bubbling. Edge clearing, edge banding 1. Mechanical equipment: imported double-end milling and edge banding machine;   2, manual woodworking knife must be used for smoothing after mechanical edge banding;   3, the allowable diagonal error of the formed sheet after edge banding is ±1mm The allowable error of length and width is within ±0.5mm. Drilling 1. Drilling equipment: six rows of drills, three rows of drills, can also be adjusted by yourself;   2, requirements after drilling: hole center distance allowable deviation ±0.5mm, diameter allowable deviation ±0.5mm, depth allowable deviation ±1.0 mm, there is no chipping or cracking at the edge of the hole. Sanding 1. Mechanical equipment: automatic sanding machine, manual sanding machine;   2, manual sand inspection is necessary after mechanical sanding;   3, quality requirements: the board size tolerance after sanding is ±0.2mm, and the surface should be flat 、Smoothly, there should be no sand leakage, flake sand penetration, etc. Bottom ash sanding 1. Sanding equipment: vibrating sand mill, automatic sanding machine;    2. Quality requirements: the color of the ash must be the same as the color of the product. The gray scar should not be too large. After the repair, the ash outside the repair must be cleaned up. , The sanding should be flat, smooth, without obvious sand marks, and the background color should not be sanded. Different equipment and sandpaper should be selected according to the ground coating and products. Background color and primer 1. The manual operation requirements of the background color meet the customer's color plate requirements, the wood grain is clear, and the overall material color is the same after color correction;   2, primer equipment: air compressor, automatic water curtain machine, spray gun;   3, Quality requirements: The paint mix ratio is correct, and the paint film has no oil flow, coarse particles, bubbling and separation. Finishing paint 1. Finishing paint equipment: air compressor, automatic water curtain machine, spray gun;    2. Quality requirements: the paint film is flat, smooth, and the brightness is consistent with the color plate, and there should be no leakage, whitening, oil accumulation, etc. The color of the finished product is bright, the wood grain is clear, and the color of each part is consistent. Assembly 1. Assembly equipment: assembly machine, electric drill;    2. Finished product requirements: tight assembly structure, diagonal tolerance ≤3.0mm, good foot stability, length, width, and height tolerance ≤3.0mm, joint gap of the finished product ≤0.5mm, the 45-degree joint gap of the panel side strip is ≤2.0mm, and there must be no shaking, loosening, etc. Not only that, the founder also said: “To stand out, you need a complete installation and after-sales service system, and you also need to'make a fuss' on Ru0026D and production technology.”    For office space, every inch of space is precious. knows this well. In the research and development of products, we always adhere to the brand concept of 'intelligent creation of space, quality sharing, People want to fall in love with work immediately after seeing it.
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