Pay attention to people and art, to return to the life of the original city

City life, we need to have a place to let us to feel the time slowly, Thanksgiving life. This place is the 'home', the home is an eternal topic, in the heart of every man has his own home. Post-modem Italian style, with simple and fashionable integral style, attracts the attention of the city. Post-modem Italian style, in size modelling, the dominant of point, line and plane. Low purity and low contrast is typically used for color matching, create comfortable space as a whole. Use leather and cloth art more. Pay more attention to people with the art to the beauty of city back to life. Post-modem Italian style is a kind of popular household style, fashion, elegant, elegant atmosphere. In many Italian post-modern space, there is always such elements: brass. Brass always brings to the furniture of different personality charm. In China, brass is the product of history. But for now, it is still the popular elements in the family. Compared with the vanity of gold and silver, of brass has a low-key luxury elegant. Delicate and bright luster, elegant appearance of restoring ancient ways, ornament in the sitting room, let a sitting room is full of advanced quality. Tea table marble mesa + brass base, delicate and expensive. Not only that, but also can reduce the heaviness from big sofa, make a sitting room more light. Garnish with brass, you can also get remarkable effect. Copper is not shining like gold and silver. It inside collect, low-key, costly. And does not need too luxuriant, the design of the bedroom decorate a little brass appropriately, enhanced stereo feeling of the moment temperament, at the same time show the habitant of delicate and elegant taste. Brass elements can be scattered in different space from the same high-end quality. In the dining room, with elements such as wood and glass fuses in together, to create a different kind of charm. Shiny golden tones lit up the restaurant's integral colour, add some warm texture, make dining-room more interesting and full of vitality. Brass element has a good environmental adaptability, can be combined with different areas home unique temperament. So we say brass element is very suitable for post-modem Italian household.
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