People-oriented meaning type furniture, furniture is leading the world development trend

Italian furniture assemble thousands of years of cultural history, the traditional craft and modern advanced technology into an organic whole, its core is 'people-oriented'. Skilful use of golden, colorful, beautifully designed, Italian furniture all emphasize every detail of the honor. Italian design almost become the pronoun of 'good design'. With good design and image and spread. Furniture product appearance elegant, one's deceased father grind materials, and detailed internal process. The quality of the production of superb and rigorous, it also includes the history of massiness, and enduring in history. Italian furniture assemble for thousands of years of cultural history and its unique artistic style and elegant, beautiful modelling design, occupying the important status in the history of world furniture. Italian design the primary feature lies in its unprecedented innovation in terms of the combination of form and materials: since the industrial age, Italian furniture development dedication out of two routes: one is the traditional: namely classical baroque style furniture, even if the imitation of classical approach to come, also or premises, the dividing line doesn't go beyond the classical; One is innovation: combined with the industrial development, become a kind of modern furniture genre, in recent years, are popular trend minimalism and Oriental theology. Characteristics of several factors make meaning type furniture: one is clever, rational furniture design system. The second is the unique production structure and production process; As a result of the Italian designer outstanding achievement, Italy and even form the & # 8221; Type design guide mode of production & # 8221; , Italian design and production has formed a virtuous cycle. This kind of mode of production already affirmed the designer can also improve the quality of life of the whole national.
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