Place office furniture and use Feng Shui principles

Feng shui, this traditional culture that makes people rich and wealthy, is a custom that has been widely spread among the people, a skill for seeking good fortune and avoiding evil, a subject related to the natural environment, and a type of adjustment and integration. The supreme metaphysics that transforms destiny has attracted many people from ancient times to the present, and even spent their entire lives visiting the Master. Today, let’s talk about the principles of office feng shui. Most of the people engaged in mental work work in the office every day. Whether it is a senior executive or an office employee, whether it is a group boss or a large company manager, the location of the office and the interior decoration are all Critical. Because Geely’s aura is helpful to people’s strategy, courage, wisdom, wealth, and official career, it is more conducive to exert one's talents and talents. The environment of the office will naturally affect the correct decision-making, the success or failure of the career. The rise and fall of business. We need to summarize some principles that should be observed in office furnishings: 1. Avoid sitting behind the door. If the desk is placed close to the door, and people sit behind the door, this is the first basic point to avoid when placing a desk. The door is the place that people must pass through, the breath of the office, and the place to receive the breath, including anger and evil spirits. If a person sits with their back at the door, there is no support behind the seat, and the impact of people coming and going behind them. For a long time, the office staff sitting here will often be in a state of subconscious tension, and sometimes feel that It seems that someone peeping, leading to confusion of thoughts, mistakes in decision-making, and inability to do everything well, always feel irritable, and even have poor kidney function, back pain, encounters with villains and troubles at work, and so on. This situation is called 'cold wind blowing back' in Feng Shui. The solution is to adjust the position of the desk and change it to a position where you are not sitting behind the door; but it is not easy to adjust the position of the desk for the small office staff, because the position of many desks is due to the needs of work. If it is placed, then we can choose a chair with a backrest to sit on, so that not only can there be a backrest, but also the impact of miscellaneous air can be blocked. 2. Avoid sitting on the window side of the walkway. The window is an air inlet of the house, which will bring in anger or evil spirits. However, there is a pedestrian walkway window outside the window, which will not only bring in the coming and going of the air, but also the footsteps of pedestrians. Loud noises and other noises interfere with your work. If the desk is placed under the pedestrian window, it is tantamount to placing the desk under some form of evil; if you need to study the company's secrets, you will naturally worry about some people peeping. Working on such a desk near the window will make you feel uncomfortable to do things. The solution is: the writing desk should be as far away from the window as possible, and the distance away from the window is that people in the aisle can't see the documents on the desk. At the same time, curtains should be used, and curtains should be often used to cover the windows to prevent the moving figures outside the window from affecting the thinking of workers. 3. Avoid windows behind seats. Many high-end offices now have bright floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the buildings, which gives a sense of comfort. Some people like to place the desk parallel to the window, place the seat between the desk and the floor-to-ceiling window, and use the window as the backing, so the position of the desk is wrong. There is a window behind the seat, which is as unusable as a door behind the seat. 4. There is a backing behind the seat. From the perspective of feng shui, the first principle of good feng shui is 'mountain surrounded by water'. Prosperous. Therefore, there must be a backing behind the seat in order to benefit the career of the workers. The so-called 'backing' in the office is a wall. The seat should lean against the wall as much as possible. It is best not to leave too much space between the wall and the seat. 5. Reasonable choice of office furniture. The quality of office desks today is generally made of wood, but if people who are numerologically avoid wood use wood classic office furniture, it will be bad. We can choose office furniture that is beneficial to our own numerology. If there are not many quality choices, we can take advantage and remedy it from the color and style. We can choose green wooden office furniture to replenish the five elements of the liver. Some people have poor kidneys, so you can choose the color of water to replenish the five elements of the kidney. The heart is not good to choose the five elements of fire, the stomach is not good to choose the five elements of earth, and the lungs are not good to choose the five elements of gold. We not only have a comfortable desk at work, but we can also regulate our bodies invisibly.
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