Post-modem Italian furniture design, become a new generation of furniture style

Core of post-modem Italian furniture design is a kind of different from modernism reverse psychology of pure reason. Post-modern style emphasizes building and interior decoration and the continuity of history, pay attention to person's sense of touch, not traditional logical thinking pattern, showing a perfect different household style. Most of the young people today are receiving higher education, and then the modern Italian style, as the current most popular adornment style, romantic and individualism to replace the pale and monotonous modernism. In advocate natural, elegant life interest at the same time, emphasis on human's dominant position, highlight the cultural connotation of design. There are many big differences between the younger generation and their elders, they advocate the freedom of the individual and way of life. Post-modem Italian style is to the taste of young people. In the modern Italian furniture design, it emphasizes the design principle of people-oriented, emphasis on leading position in technology, pay more attention to human nature and liberalization. Modern style is concise and monotonous, and this kind of style is different. This is the unity of the diversity. When using this kind of style design, it use the technology to create a space such as mixing and superposition of complex and big breath, instead of clear unified characteristics of modern style, more diversified artistic style. As long as you observe carefully, you will find that the post-modem Italian furniture style is different from other styles. In the pursuit of the current trend of culture at the same time, combine traditional classic elements and modern fashion elements, create a fusion of fashion and elegant fashion design.
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