Postmodern meaning type furniture clean - — In glass?

Glass as a kind of common materials, multi-purpose in all kinds of furniture, can make furniture more add transparent feeling. Postmodern meaning type furniture glass elements are not used in the minority, the best type of furniture, bookcase, wine, tea table and so on. But the glass clean is a big problem, the glass was scratched, use for a long time there will be a problem such as fuzzy. However, we have consulting professionals, and maintenance of vitreous furniture give you five rules. A, once intentionally type furniture of ground glass is dirty, can use the toothbrush dipped in detergent, along the pattern round to wipe. You can also put the kerosene droplet on the glass, or put the chalk ash and gypsum powder dip in water, besmear is on glass to dry and then wipe with a clean cloth or cotton, this glass is clean and bright. Second, using the plastic wrap and wet cloth sprayed detergent can clean o Italian glass extremely. First of all, on the glass spray cleaners, then stick on plastic wrap softening oil solidification. After ten minutes, tear film, wipe with wet cloth. If you want to keep the glass bright and clean, you must clean it often. Three, glass furniture had better placed in the place of the relatively fixed, not moving back and forth at will. To stabilize the place objects, should care about type furniture at the bottom of the wine ark place heavy objects, prevent furniture centre of gravity is unstable and overturned. In addition, to avoid moisture, from the stove, from acid, alkali and other chemical reagent, prevent corrosion deterioration. Four, do not force the impact at ordinary times meaning type furniture glass surface, in order to prevent the glass tea table surface scratch, best tablecloth on the shop. Put the things in glass furniture, careful handling, avoid collisions. Five, the daily clean, use a wet towel or newspaper to wipe, if there is any stain can dip in with towel beer or vinegar is wiped, moreover also can use glass cleaning agent, currently on the market to avoid using strong acid alkali solution to clean. In winter, the surface of the glass is easy to frost, so I can wipe cloth dips in concentrated brine or liquor, the effect is very good.
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