Postmodern meaning type furniture - — In the heart of the artistic functional maximization

So-called post-modernism cannot simply be understood as postmodern, but rather a continuation of modernism and beyond, it is a kind of artistic style. The meaning of the word 'postmodernism' is very complicated. Literally, it refers to the various style after modernism, or some kind of style. Postmodernism is clear in the design of the content and form, like modernism in the design. Post-modern design style is very complex, but from the perspective of the cultural phenomenon of post-modernism, it is still on purpose is consistent, is close in style, is full in the face. Postmodernism advocates the widespread use of classical decoration, so there were signs of obvious symbol. Compared with the culture in the chaos of the postmodernism, postmodernism in the field of furniture, it should be said is very concise and clear. Postmodern design for decoration, the eclectic style of history. Postmodernism eclecticism style with adornment style integrated space compromise as the dominant factor, this is for all kind of decoration style and form of traditional suture and refining. Mix, the combination of Chinese style is folding structure, has become a historical connotation and the structure of the new integrated mode. In respect of color design, the postmodern furniture colorific configuration rules upside down again, color is not the primary and secondary points, like to use different tone of colour collocation, make its interference, to produce a strange new visual effect. Materials applications, postmodern furniture do not take the material sense of reality, and pay attention to the texture of the material itself, decorative pattern, transparency, luminous intensity and expressiveness, attaches great importance to the combination of different materials, make the product a harmonious complex systems. In our post-modern meaning type furniture style, we can also see to the art of shadow, but not completely trust in art, but more attention to ergonomics, know when people use the required functionality, so on the basis of conform to the artistic quality is greatly enhancing the practicability. This is the essence of our Italian furniture.
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