Postmodern meaning type furniture, is the pursuit of delicate life essentials

The technique of expression of post-modern meaning type furniture is relatively simple, more pay attention to the line and color of furniture, so style is outstanding. It based on the design of pop art, classical charm is blended in among them, the appearance and function of furniture is very natural. 1. Into the European classical style, at the same time into the modern pop elements, not only can show the luxury of the master, can also reflect the form of simple, can reflect master the art of taste. 2. Effectively postmodern meaning type furniture is a blend of old and new style, and played an effective role in compromise. At the same time, it USES a variety of expression, the post-modem Italian furniture has its own unique style and artistic pursuit. 3. Usually in the shape of rectangular postmodern meaning type furniture as the basic framework, and ingeniously use elliptical plate edges and corners of the processing. A large number of delicate and elegant arc design is used, is filled with the beauty of rhythm, elegant, gentle. Forward-thinking design concept, not constrained by a pattern, catering to the aesthetic taste of the new rich gens. 4. Post-modem Italian furniture history and culture into the modern life, blend in decoration furniture, with light, shadow, and form a transparent space construction, plays an important role in decoration. In the increasingly fierce luxury under the storm of the baptism, in which it is easy to experience the light a luxury - — Although consumption ability cannot be compared with those who spent a lot of money to the rich, but for the big brands of love and loyalty is nothing less than the former; If my economic ability allow, I want to buy a few small luxury, such as wallets, belts, sunglasses, perfumes to decorate my life. For city people, the meaning of luxury is self-evident. In the diversification of social communication, there is no pressure at the end of, this really make people lack of confidence. Light lavish lifestyle of modern significance is that it can improve taste and identity. A real city people know how to skillfully use of luxury goods for their score. In product design, Senbetter more exquisite collocation of the overall coordination, so as to achieve the visual effect and practicability of high level. Its connotation is rich, various forms and rich variety, for the people who love light and decoration style brought a fresh wind in the field of furniture.
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