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Italian furniture design is popular all over the world, we can reflect the italians from Italian furniture very DangZi personality characteristics, pure handmade imports have a powerful Italian furniture, classic, luxury, style has become important means of big decoration. Let's appreciate the style of Italian postmodern furniture together! Italy contracted style of cloth art sofa has the very strong postmodernism characteristic, pay attention to design and fluent line, represents a return to nature of fashion, the pursuit of excellence, coupled with modern, practical, elegant art design concept, highlights the modern urbanite to cloth art sofa washs practice and concise orientation. Italian, the modelling of an innate talent, is good at manufacturing fashionable, constantly hopping special inspiration. Minimalism is the result of western modernism in the early 20th century, European modernist architect Mies Vander Rohe quote 'Less is more' is considered to be the core idea of simplism. Will design elements, color, reduced to the least extent, but itself on the material color and texture of cloth art sofa is very demanding. Therefore, contracted design although implicitly, but often can achieve more with less, to JianSheng multiplying effect. With concise form to meet the demand for space environment that perceptual, instincts, become a fashion. A good set of cloth art sofa is Italy contracted space the most cannot lack, it itself must have a story, emotion, temperament and soul, otherwise unable to emerge from the background of the plain and neat, become the master of simple space. Senbetter product's success is to combine creativity, innovation, and production technology, with a minimalist design language to tell the taste of life, and thereby making the 'eternal' of products. Is highly sensitive to fashion trends of products to predict and deduce the modern civilization, make each product is the perfect combination of creativity and craftsmanship.
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