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According to the ECNext website
According to market intelligence, sales of powder coating materials in the United States will reach about 8% a year by 2005, when demand will reach about 0. 5 billion, increased demand will continue to be driven by environmental rather than environmental benefits
Compliant solvent-based coating, excellent adhesion, ability to resist impact and scratch, and other good performance features.
While powder coatings have become a $1 billion industry in the United States, $3.
Global industrial output reached US $5 billion, accounting for only 5% of the global industrial market.
In order to provide continuous growth for powder coated materials, new and existing material suppliers are rapidly expanding the functional range of powder, making it beyond the traditional metal product finishing and becoming a non-
Metal substrates, such as wood and plastic, in these potential substrates, engineered wood such as medium-fiber boards, are fast due to uniform density of the substrate, smooth surface and low potential
Gas relative to natural forests.
To date, the specific medium fiber board user market that has been successfully infiltrated is office and Institutional Furniture, store fixtures and displays, and kitchen cabinets.
Many manufacturers in the above-mentioned industry have been and are now heavy users of laminated materials or hot foil.
Replacement of this specific process (
In addition to replacing liquid paint on wood)
Represents the maximum potential for the use of powder coatings.
At this point, no powder coating can replace the simulated wood grain foil, however, a lot of work has been done and will continue in the field of textured powder, spotted powder, of course, there are also different degrees of gloss. UV vs.
There are two basic types of hot curing Powder Coatings: Hot curing powder coatings and ultraviolet curing powder coatings.
Both of these technologies are mature technologies that are currently being used in production and processing, and the author does not recognize a technology.
The UV process of the fiber plate in the powder coating has been made more public so far due to its shorter cycle time and reduced floor spacing requirements.
Number of cycles and equipment (
Gas Convection Furnace)
Used in the hot solid powder coating process, the same as the powder coating process in the metal process.
Since the UV powder curing furnace has a shorter cycle time and a lower floor area requirement, the whole process requires less floor space than the hot solid powder.
Usually in UV operation, the plate to be coated is first hungon automatic overhead conveyor and then pre-
Heat in the mixed electric JR/gas convection oven.
Then, apply the powder at the pre-applied aline speed
Determined by the number of pre-
Heating and curing time is required.
The plate is cured by entering a mixed electric IR/gas convection/UV oven.
First, the coating melts or \"flows out\" about 1. 5 minutes.
The plate then continues with UV curing to finally solidify and harden the powder.
After the UV curing phase is completed, they cool naturally when the parts enter the unloading station.
Using the hot-solid process of the fiber board in the powder coating, the board must be preheated to about 50 degrees warmer than the UV process.
They were then coated with powder and went into the gas convection oven at the curing stage.
Finally, the plate passes through the cooling tunnel and is unloaded.
For the specific time and temperature required for both processes, see the table on the left.
So far, a lot of knowledge has been learned about the medium fiber plate, and the process parameters required for the best \"drawability\" relative to the powder coating.
The information collected so far from scientific research and \"trial and error\" indicates that in order to achieve hardness and durability, absolute consistency must be achieved in terms of conductivity, water content and plate density, uniform finish with consistent gloss and color.
Sufficient grounding is essential.
This is achieved and maintained by hanging wooden boards with clean metal hangers on a conveyor connected to the ground.
Once the board is grounded, preheat the board to reduce moisture to the outer surface for optimal conductivity.
Research shows that in topre-
Heating is 6% to 9%.
In order to unify the board of directors
After heating, the cardboard must have a uniform density of fibers and resin made from it, thus having a uniform conductive property.
One way to illustrate this is in advance
Heating and powder coated kitchen cabinet door with decorative routing on the surface design of the door.
The difference in size of the thickness will only amplify the difference in density and water content between the wiring (thin)
Area of doors and other parts (Thick section)of the door.
Thin areas lose moisture faster than thick areas.
However, this can be overcome by precisely controlling the static charge and powder flow rate of the powder gun.
There are three key market drivers behind the most popular economy of the process benefit medium fiber board powder coating: * reduced operating costs: good
Known economic benefits of powder coatings are the ability to recycle and reuse
The use of powder can make the efficiency of the whole system more than 97%.
Waste treatment costs are further reduced as waste powder can be landfill without special treatment.
* New design opportunities: high
The final classic office furniture manufacturer is moving away from the \"classic\" shape (
Square and rectangle)
While less complex shapes help the edge sealing process to hide the exposed edges of the laminated workpiece, the new configuration requirements: curved edges, including inner circles and ellipse that are put down by the computer wire ropethrough;
Seamless desktop coating;
And a variety of unusual colors and effects.
All the advantages of the powder coating process.
* Streamlined manufacturing: reducing labor and material handling costs provides two key manufacturing advantages.
Because the powder coating is a continuous coating process, and because the powder coating is a single-
A coating process that does not require long drying.
The powder coating also reduces the amount of sanding and handling of the required parts and eliminates the cost of edge sealing.
Summary finally, in order to ensure that the powder coating on the medium fiber board process meets your specific product performance requirements, it is necessary: * open communication with the main powder material and powder equipment supplier on the completion of the medium fiber board
* Test various engineering wood from various suppliers;
* Better understanding of different processes, capabilities and related costs (Or cost savings).
Proven technology and process development helps to make the overall powder on the medium fiber board process a viable powder for those interested in getting a finished product with higher yield, shorter process time and beauty and durability
John Binder is the marketing manager of noxin.
It\'s from PowderSystems group.
This article is excerpted from the notes of the powder coating 2002 exhibit binder \'spresentation in Indiana.
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