Rational quality, emotional into art, Italian furniture is famous in the world

Italian furniture by its exquisite craft, reliable quality, has always been considered the best represent the quality and taste. Italian furniture is also very popular in China. People are obsessed with the combination of reason and sensibility, and was struck by the beauty of the art of behind it. From a global perspective, the Italian design and production of furniture is among the highest in the furniture industry. In guarantee the functionality at the same time, has the beauty of art and design, innovation, with the trend towards good at innovation, combining traditional process with modern technology. One can see from his adornment style: what kind of person he is, Italian furniture with its unique temperament conquered many pursuing higher level luxury experience. Its elegant shape is a symbol of the identity of the owner and the connotation. Italian furniture integrating art design and practical function. It combines the traditional craft and modern technology. It goes beyond the furniture industry concept, enrich the artistic quality of design and content. Is, therefore, furniture not only become an important part of the design week, and become an image and 'name card' of Italy. Italian furniture is in its long process, continue to translate into furniture design style of art. Italian furniture style diversity, including baroque and rococo style, Rome style, the combination of art and function. Modern Italian furniture is famous for its simple and fluent line, its large household pure tonal build the atmosphere that gives a kind of simple atmospheric, embodies the people in the pursuit of high quality and elegant life. Italian furniture is a changeful style, can last a long time, to attract people's attention and was deeply loved by people.
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