Reasonable put Italian furniture, let a guest to linger

If have a guest coming, most of us will be to serve in the living room. Therefore, put in the sitting room furniture, besides beautiful, effects should also be considered. In fact, the design of the furniture is in many ways in order to create a suitable for people to work, life and relax the new living environment. Italian sitting room furniture put is closely related to our life experience, let's take a look at the Italian living room furniture should be how to put. Italian generally include living room furniture sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet, counter, corner, etc. , an Italian sitting room furniture put skills: 1, positioning; Because most of the family's living room is larger, suit to use Italian style of Italian furniture, the sitting room, of course, on the display needs certain skills. Don't put all the furniture in the heap together, so as not to cause confusion and inconvenience. 2, compact; Italian style of the sitting room was a back and forth for people activity area, so the Italian the layout of the sitting room furniture should be as simple as possible, some unnecessary items should be stored, it is best to look simple, bright. Let a person at first glance the space is very big, create a comfortable atmosphere. 3, planning; Some owners like to buy a few small things, but to buy home but couldn't find a suitable place to store. What should I do? Can use some shelves and store content ark is to place these small items, this can save a space, and looks very tidy. The Italian style of sitting room more capacious and bright. 4, collocation; Buy Italian living room furniture, you need to pay attention to the collocation between them, the best type of sitting room sofa color and wall and curtain color should be consistent, coffee table of material consistent with the material of TV ark, etc. Use Italian living room furniture, can make life more full of the beauty of art, so can spend more time to put in, let the furniture to maximize the function and beauty. Senbetter is committed to create rich Italian charm of interior landscape, follow Italy ‌ ‌ the design thought of the traditional culture of the Mediterranean, continuous development and innovation, to furniture and lamps and lanterns, bedding and other home decoration to perfect mix build, on the premise of guarantee comfortable, created a delicate, easy, casual life atmosphere.
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