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From new-to-
Market entrepreneurs and niche businesses by building names and transitions
The main solution provider of the Middle East Hotel conducted an exclusive interview with 50 hotel suppliers
In the future development and prosperity of the Middle East hotel industry, the company plays a vital role.
For the first time, Middle East hotel operators have listed 50 hotel industry suppliers operating in the Middle East Hotel department, and we believe that the services and products provided by these suppliers may make your life easier.
You may already know something;
Big names like.
Ronai andDiversey or turnkey solution providers such as Al rayami, Al diyafand Renarte and of course bed and bedding from DFMC, Intercoil and Restonic
There are other companies in this round-
When we show something new, though, you may not have heard --to-
Market entrepreneurs such as food manufacturers and mill hotels.
Pursue fashion, unique
Pieces of Nordic furniture?
We have found the supplier for you in the form of kollektion General Trading.
Is it finally ready to install a complete water filtration system?
Meet the liquid of life.
Want to modify all lighting equipment with led?
Try to contact Elemech Star Technology Services Ltd.
From the big-singing, all-
These 50 companies are essential in the contact manual for all general managers or purchasing experts.
The article will continue on the next page. . . [[page-break]]A. RONAI LLC A.
Ronai LLC is a whole family
Round hotels and catering solutions with a wide range of tables-
Top pottery, tableware, glassware, lighting and kitchen equipment.
The company also provides a range of uniforms for the front and back of the house, with an option from the inside
House design and production team.
Alliance Laundry System business laundry equipment manufacturer Alliance Laundry system first started operation in the Middle East in 1952, net income in the Middle East and Africa market in 2012 was $25. 4 million.
Elemie interior is the flagship member of the well-
Founded in 1994, it currently has 30 companies, most of which support internal decoration-
Realize business output through unique backward integration mode. AL-
Founded 15 years ago, DIYAFA Al Diyafa has showrooms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with the goal of becoming the largest supplier of hotel supplies in the UAE.
Since its inception, the company has become a leading supplier of hotel products for hotels, restaurants, cafes, hospitals and educational institutions. AL-HALABI Al-
Halabi is committed to providing turnkey solutions that meet the specific needs of customers by producing high-quality products in accordance with local and international quality standards.
BONCAFE Middle East Co. , Ltd. Boncafe Middle East is a leading coffee manufacturer and a major supplier of freshly baked and ground gourmet coffee.
Boncafe is also an exclusive distributor and representative of coffee machines and equipment brands in the region such as La Marzocco, Thermoplan, BONRetro, Mahlkonig, Cremesso, grindDIVERSEY INC.
Diversey is a global supplier of sustainable clean, sanitary and sanitary systems and solutions.
As part of the Sealed Air, diversey aims to be a new global leader in food safety, convenience hygiene and product protection.
Through operations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, dursko provides a terminal service for hotels and other companiesto-
Waste management solutions in the hotel industry.
The Dubai furniture manufacturing company was founded in 1993 and the DFMC was originally established to manufacture and sell King Koil-
Brand products.
Since then, DFMC has become a leader in the Middle East mattress industry and has obtained a license to manufacture and sell Serta
Brand products.
DUNI Duni offers a wide range of high-quality one-time product portfolios for the hotel industry.
Duni offers premium products, tablecloths, table mats, coasters and candles.
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Founded in 2005, the company has 24 employees with an annual turnover of AED 4. 5 million.
The core of the company is to provide energy.
Saving LED lighting for the hotel industry, element technology LED Solutions recently launched a series of innovative smartLED lights.
Elst lighting, UK
Elstead light ingspecs is a lighting manufacturer and distributor specializing in the manufacture of heavy iron and painted metal accessories using traditional welding and patented technology.
The food manufacturing company of Food Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. told the hotel operator why his new professional food company would provide impeccable service.
GMK International Limited
Used to call Bay Mobile Kitchen)
Founded in 2004, it has become one of the leading hotel solutions companies.
Green space world trade was established in 1999. Green space world trade is a complete one.
International supplier of commercial food service equipment and supplies.
1765 Gemini is Dubai-
According to the hotel company\'s work and professional reception brands such as Ascolia pridesitself, Viamotif, Rosenthal, Robert Welch, Sambonet, Stoelzle, Beltrami, Lumea, scissors, modern atmosphere, Novox, impulse, china is one of the world\'s leading manufacturers and distributors of high-quality ceramic tableware.
Greenhouse supermarkets established greenhouse supermarkets in the UAE in 1977, with a population of about 120.
Dealers represent multinational brands such as Elle & Vire, Bridor, Patisfrance, LaBeyrie, Entre Mont, Patis France, St Dalfour, Lactalis.
GFS provides hotel supplies, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap and other facilities.
IDS Next\'s vision is to become the world\'s most popular provider of hotel business solutions.
Italian footwear solutions Co. , Ltd. is a footwear design, development and manufacturing company specializing in uniform professional footwear for professional purposes.
I founded it with general manager Rajesh Menon about three years ago.
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Founded in 1974, intercoil international company llc is an average integration Company that manufactures sleep systems, furniture and foam.
Intermetal ltd. Intermetal is a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor contract furniture in the hotel contract market.
The company was founded in Sharjah in 1993 to meet the needs of the hotel, education and industrial markets.
Kollektion general trading Kollektion General Trading LLC began TRADING on 2009 to provide Scandinavian walls-
Floor and furniture covering the Middle East.
KUDOS Kudos offers a wide range of outdoor furniture including leisure, dining, poolside, balcony furniture and umbrellas with various finishes such as all-weather wicker, teak, injection rattan, aluminum, sling and
Injection cane-
Polypropylene furniture produced through injection molding provides all-weather wicker finish-
This is one of the latest options for the company to launch.
The core products provided by LG Electronics for the hotel industry include commercial display products (HITV and IPTV)
And media player.
Product categories include easymanagement solutions where content can be created and distributed on the Web, bringing new interactive experiences to guests and achieving hotel marketing/revenue generation goals
Established in Dubai in 2009, life liquid Co. , Ltd. has since developed into a company with a growing reputation as a provider of drinking water solutions in the UAE.
Mill hotel supplies was established in September 2013.
Headquartered in Russia, it is a professional hotel supply company integrating hotel supply, research and development, manufacturing, sales, transportation and service.
MEIKO dishwasher brand Meiko was established in 1927 with a worldwide turnover of E260 million in 2012.
The company recently launched M-
There is no need to separate the iQ dishwasher for the ventilated canopy.
MKN was founded in Germany in 1946 and employs about 460 experienced experts at the plant in Lower Saxony.
The company recently launched the multi-functional FlexiChef, which integrates cooking, frying, pressure cooking and frying functions.
Other versions include HansDampf combisteamer, a modular home appliance range, and a stand-alone design called Kuchenmeister.
The mission of London\'s newbie Tea is to revive the tea culture, which offers more than 150 teas and teas, including black, green, oolong and specialty teas, as well as herbal infusion.
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The New Jersey nut packaging company specializes in the production of high-quality mixed and flavored nuts for uniform and high-quality products.
Hampton Inn London northes
Design and manufacture professional, sustainable and guest-
Intuitive hotel bedroom products. O. K FURNITURE O.
K furniture was established in UAE in 1976 and currently has more than 350 employees.
The company\'s core products include classic bedroom furniture, lighting, outdoor furniture and accessories.
The company\'s product catalog includes more than 22,000 designs, including various raw materials such as wood, leather, fabric, metal, etc.
PARASOL Parasol was established in the UAE in 2006 to meet the market\'s demand for outdoor furniture and finally established its own brand Voglia for indoor and outdoor furniture. PROTECT-A-
Beds used in hotels around the world, protected-A-
Bed is a leading supplier of bedding protection products in the hotel industry and is committed to educating hotel operators on the importance of providing healthy sleeping areas for guests.
With over 30 years of hotel service experience, Quadworldwide world quadquad supports more than 300,000 rooms, ranking first in Europe and the world.
Founded in 1973, rational ag Rational AG specializes in preparing electrical appliances for hot food.
Founded in 2006, reinat Hotel Supplies Co. , Ltd. has many exclusive brands and has gradually grown into a leading hotel supplies company in the Middle East.
RESTONIC Restonic has been a major supplier of mattresses for more than 60 years, and the Dubai factory was established in January 2000.
Safemark systems Safemark produces and sells in-room safes and is approved by 39 of the 40 grand hotel brands.
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Salah interior design has become a leader in the hospitality industry in providing comprehensive decoration and electronic solutions.
Silver Arcade linen SAL has been producing food and beverage linen for more than two decades.
We have been established for 23 years and have been the host for the production of high quality catering and in-room linens.
Solarco equipment LLC Solarco equipment provides all professional kitchen and laundry equipment requirements specifically for any food production or laundry activities such as sales and installation.
Simexa ltd. Outdoor furniture manufacturer and hospital industry distributor Simexa Ltd. Was established in 1999 with an annual turnover of US $2.
2012 5 million.
The product range of TCL technical chemistry laboratory covers the sanitary and sanitary products of hotel rooms, laundry and kitchen departments.
The company\'s after-sales services include marble polishing, QAhygiene audit, deep cleaning services, training, etc.
The Truebell marketing and trade Hotel division has been in existence for more than ten years and is one of the leading suppliers of hotel facilities and food and beverage equipment in the HORECA division of the Gulf Cooperation Council.
The professional range of VALRHONA Valrhona offers 80 product references such as mariage de Grands Crus, pure origin chocolate, Manor growing chocolate and pralines nuts
Vingcard elsafe VingCard Elsafe is part of Assa Abloy and is one of the early inventions of key card operation lock and in-room safe.
VTECH VTech\'s vision is to be the company with the highest cost
Innovative, efficient designers and manufacturers
High quality consumer electronics and distribute them to markets around the world in the most efficient way.
Winterhalter winter is a leading washing industry company in the global market, with sales of more than 32,000 units per year.
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