See the development of Italian furniture design, understanding of Italian furniture culture

Furniture, is a indispensable tool in people's life. It recorded the details of our lives in silent language. Furniture is also a kind of cultural expression, about people's family life culture. As a kind of culture, it has certain historical form. The Italian furniture has been sending out the charm. Italian furniture is the main characteristics of the continuation of 17th century to the 19th century furniture characteristics of royal nobility, exquisite handmade show a rich artistic breath adequately. Classical Italian furniture is famous for its expensive, because the obsession with handmade in Italy. Classical Italian furniture has a unique culture idea, the Italian street is full of art sculpture, various industries have the atmosphere of the Renaissance. Meaning type furniture every detail in honor. Colour is gorgeous, design is exquisite, the selection of materials carefully, process fine, but this also can't reproduce. Italian furniture brings together thousands of years of cultural history, make the traditional craft and modern advanced technology, using its most remarkable characteristic is golden, make furniture presents a proper sense of beauty. Italian style furniture design feature lies in its inherent high temperament, rich cultural connotation, exquisite traditional crafts. A dominant position in the high-end furniture consumer market, now the Italian furniture besides decoration high-end apartments, villas, luxury hotels, there are also some high-end residential has become a major consumer groups. Italy postmodern style furniture to art and function together, they will progress of industrial technology combined with the primeval powers of the rise of design, in the pursuit of aesthetic attributes at the same time satisfy the requirements of the product's functionality. In addition, the Italian people like to live with art together. In the modern, Italian furniture is more simple, fashion and elegant, this is one reason for the enduring Italian furniture. Post-modem Italian furniture is elegant and comfortable design retained the classic furniture of color and texture, and at the same time to adapt to the modern life space. Perfect contracted feeling to your satisfaction, at the same time, its artistic temperament also sending a strong presence in space, elegant and romantic. Italy postmodern furniture represents the people love of life, also represents the understanding and pursuit of perfect.
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