Seek after the hustle and bustle of quiet - — Post-modem Italian furniture design

Postmodernism light much wind can be said to be in the furniture industry one of the most popular with consumers style, because the post-modem Italian home with a mild sense of luxury, but not the sort of massiness and jerky, many furniture curve into the more modern elements, it is more suitable for the success of the parvenu gens, to create a whole household unique artistic temperament, luxury and a low profile. The creation of light to the post-modern luxury household environment, furniture and soft outfit cannot be ignored. The heavy soft outfit can let a person feel depressed, too surface can let a person feel giddy. Therefore, color and elements must be considered together. Material the most representative of post-modern meaning type furniture, such as leather, velvet, metal, stainless steel, the post-modem Italian style reflect incisively and vividly. Postmodern meaning type furniture more and more tend to be diversified, design and the application of color come, appear bold and rich. Postmodern meaning type furniture at the same time pay more attention to the colour of a 'young', in that the color of the tide in series furniture, full of fashionable feeling. Technique of expression of postmodern furniture is relatively simple, more pay attention to the line and color of furniture, so its style. It based on the design of pop art, classical charm is blended in among them, the appearance and function of furniture is very natural. Senbetter post-modem Italian furniture modelling design is very clever, edge of panel is again used properly, the elliptical processing USES a large amount of delicate and elegant arc design, full of rhythm beauty, elegant, soft features prominent. Forward-thinking design concept, not constrained by a pattern, catering to the aesthetic taste of the new rich gens. At present, the understanding of post-modem Italian furniture should be the pursuit of life and attitude. We want to be in the hustle and bustle of busy behind have a comfortable, quiet life, we pursue the details. The 'elegant' in life should never be abandoned, '' Senbetter post-modern meaning type furniture is a kind of quality, is also a kind of taste.
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