Seven taboos and three elements of office furniture maintenance

by:Senbetter     2021-05-31
Do you know the seven taboos and three elements of office furniture maintenance? Want to know the seven taboos of office furniture maintenance? So, now you and the editor of Guangzhou are going to have a look! Remind office furniture 'seven taboos' precautions: one taboo: when moving, drag and pull, you should lift it gently; when placing it, you should lay it flat, and if the floor is uneven, padded your legs to prevent damage to the tenon. Eye structure; two taboos: put the furniture in the sun, and avoid placing it in too dry places to prevent the wood from cracking and deforming; three taboos: placing the furniture in a very humid place to prevent the wood from swelling when wet, and it is easy to rot over time. Drawers cannot be opened; four taboos: put heavy objects on the top of furniture such as large closets to prevent the cabinet doors from protruding and the cabinet doors are not closed tightly; clothing should also not be stacked too much or over the cabinet doors to prevent the cabinet doors from deforming ; Five taboos: wash with water or wipe the furniture made of plywood with a rag, do not soak in alkaline water to prevent the plywood from loosening or degumming; six taboos: use a different color than the original paint of the furniture and mix it with putty and then embed it in the cracks of the furniture Blocking level to avoid leaving scars; Seven taboos: Use alkaline water or boiling water to wash furniture or desktops with high-concentration alcohol, banana water, freshly boiled water and other hot things to prevent damage to the paint. Remind the 'three important' points of office furniture: 1. Put some peppercorns in the furniture to prevent rats from entering, put camphor and tobacco leaves to prevent moths and cockroaches; 2. Paint the furniture surface with light soapy water in time Wash away the alkaline water or oil stains on the layer, then rinse with clear water, and wax it after drying; 3. Brush with varnish or a layer of varnish every few years to keep the color fresh and durable. After learning about the three elements of office furniture maintenance with the editor of Guangzhou office furniture, would you still wipe your office furniture at will? Now that you know the correct maintenance method of office furniture, take care of your office furniture from now on! When buying furniture, choose Guangzhou office furniture. 

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