Several techniques for choosing the main color system of office furniture customization

Color matching is a very important part in the customization of office furniture. Among them, the establishment of the main color is generally successful. Shenzhen office furniture uses several methods to determine the main color system. What color suits your office? generally has 5 main colors, namely black, gray, dark red, brown, and plain blue.  Black  Black conveys a kind of calm, solemn, elegant, minimalist and fashionable characteristics, which can make people concentrate on thinking and increase the aura of negotiation. Black series of office furniture are generally leather sofas, executive chairs, etc., which are mostly used in government, corporate meeting rooms, and manager rooms.  Black classic office furniture  Gray  Gray conveys a kind of perseverance, harmlessness, decency, and determination. This color makes people feel elegant, comfortable and close. The gray series of office furniture have desks, office screens, etc. Gray office furniture, dark red and dark red, are characterized by solemnity, excitement, tension, excitement, a sense of oppression and expansion, giving people a positive, lively, and easy to mobilize people’s emotions. This is generally used in office chairs, solid wood bosses Desk, supporting office furniture for the boss.  Dark red office furniture  Brown  The characteristics of brown: Brown is regarded as a color with spiritual resistance, full of vitality, and gives people a sense of dignity. It is generally used to decorate meeting rooms and can promote employees to concentrate on thinking. Brown office furniture has the characteristics of plain blue and plain blue, which is elegant but not blind, symbolizing rationality and accuracy. It can promote the success of negotiation and give people a relaxed feeling. It is usually used for negotiation tables, negotiation sofas, office screens, and card slots. Wait.  Blue   The above is an introduction to the 5 common colors of office furniture. Especially in this era when the quality of life is becoming more and more important, everyone is concerned about the style and beauty of office furniture.
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