Simple soft outfit collocation, make Italian furniture style more give prize

Simplifies the post-modem Italian style furniture elements, color, lighting design, raw material, but has a high requirement on the color and texture, emphasize the functional sex of the space at the same time, against redundant adornment. It in a simple visual effect, create a feeling of fashionable avant-courier, satisfy people's pursuit of life taste. This will introduce you to the postmodern meaning type furniture style guide. The choice of furniture, lamps and lanterns, jewelry after modern Italian style is given priority to, give priority to with integral space design theme. The choice of furniture should be combined with the body posture and bone structure. Divided into background lighting and lighting, art lighting lighting. The lighting effects of different room should be the combination of the three types; On the choice of decoration and location on the set of emphasizing personality and aesthetic feeling as much as possible. The furniture of the sitting room should be arranged according to the room activities and functional properties. The most basic, minimum requirement is a set of sofa, coffee table, TV ark, other adornment such as vases, tea sets, art decoration such as less as far as possible, and the style is unified. The pattern of let a sitting room more open. The display of the restaurant must be beautiful and practical, can pile up. Depending on the dining environment, all kinds of decoration project are also different. The restaurant kitchen decorate with kitchen facilities should be coordinated; The sitting room dining-room decorate should be consistent with the function of the sitting room and style. If the restaurant is independent and can be set according to the whole space. Mindful of type style in the design of the study, the most important, of course, is to choose the bookcase of Italian style. The bookcase of Italian style abandoned the luxuriant adornment, line is concise and clean, pay more attention to the collocation of color. This style is also easier to match with other space. Is not bound, it is not high to the requirement of decorative materials, this could be it widely popular. Post-modem Italian bedroom, need to increase the color and material. Brown, white and grey is the color of commonly used in Italian style, classic color combinations can easily create a style of the bedroom. Simple noble double bed, the massive simmons is easy to set off the comfort of the bed, can also with the back wall to form a kind of harmony. Delicate Italian postmodern bedside table and the background effect natural fusion of the wall. Small objects with large areas of color is tie-in, make bedroom glamour stand out.
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