Sofa of choose and buy? You must like the Italian sofa

As the most prominent in the sitting room sofa, one of the most important furniture, determines the atmosphere of the sitting room, class, style, the sofa is good or bad judgment usually comes from the selection of fabrics. Sofa is indispensable to people in the living room furniture. He let us can have a good rest, sitting on the sofa watching TV, drink tea, relatives and friends gather together, and so on, should have the existence of the sofa. With regard to the choose and buy of sofa, we can start on the fabric. The fabrics of sofa is very diversiform, have cloth, leather, cotton, timber, etc. , in the past two years, leather sofa began to walk in the forefront of the sales. Italian leather sofa, in particular, are designed to follow the fashion and steady style, not immune to make public, let whole household space appears very atmospheric. The use of the first layer of leather also let sit very comfortable, more durable. In addition to the fabrics, choose sofa most should pay attention to the intrinsic quality, the stand or fall of internal material directly affect the service life of sofa and comfort. , proper attention must be paid when the choose and buy of sofa cushions and spring qualitative ability to better choose the right sofa. Can ask the clerk according to actual condition, if permitted, you can also take a look at sample and so on. The framework of sofa directly determines the carrying capacity of the sofa. Sofa body framework can be divided into solid wood structure, all steel welded structure, board structure. Real wood material is expensive, complex production process, an advanced furniture. Also have to use the overall steel welding structure, structure has good stability, long service life. Wood sofa framework structure, simple manufacturing process, the model is convenient, apply more extensive, but manufacturing composite panels such as formaldehyde, easy to cause pollution. Choose according to need. Yong state meaning type furniture USES the head layer cowhide, both light and touch, has reached the leading level. Is unique and not too much to show off, to satisfy the successful pursuit of fashion, advocating personality taste demand, Italian furniture and soft colors and combination collocation atmosphere created a yong state this highly affinity style and passed to all over the world, into the thousands.
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