Spirit, giving meaning type furniture with artistic beauty

Italian furniture design elegant luxury, once popular in China. The Italian furniture with the combination of reason and sensibility, and was struck by the beauty of the art of behind it. After many years of accumulation, Italian furniture won the favor of consumers. Italian furniture design concept rooted in Italian excellent traditional art culture. It combines art and technology, the traditional and modern perfect, leading the world design trends. It has authentic European classical style, take every piece of furniture, as part of a serious romantic art. Italian furniture with its world leading design concept and product, to predict the future trend of the development of furniture industry and the global furniture market trends, to all over the world furniture industry have a significant impact. Italian furniture is very popular in Europe, for example, the Renaissance of the baroque and rococo, Roman, Byzantine, etc. Until after the technical innovation of world war ii, the Italian furniture design began to emerge from the design of boreal Europe style, and formed the unique local characteristics of furniture style. Decades of orderly development brought Italian furniture is a new face in due course. Tuscany, Venice, milan three big furniture style occupy the leading position in the international furniture style, become the main representative of Italian furniture style. No matter how to change, how the progress of science and technology, Italian artisans still use her ancestors crafts for making furniture. From material selection to carving, inlay to burnish, italians think only this kind of delicate and meticulous handmade can embody the true meaning of made in Italy. Italian furniture crafts by its exquisite craft, and is famous for its meticulous research, especially the inlaid. Each piece of Italian craftsman carvings are lifelike. Clever design, exquisite craft, nature such as nature, detail meticulous, elegant and noble. In the heart of Italy, it is not only a furniture, but also a precious works of art.
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