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When people talk about Italy, it's hard not attracted by its long cultural history, and also Italian furniture is the main content of when we talk about Italy. As national furniture 'pilgrimage', Italy has eighty percent of the world famous furniture brand. Well-known overseas art which ancient and modern civilization, cultural image, it is the country gave us the impression. Milan is the world's fashion capital, created the fashion, leading the trend of the world, its furniture craft is second to none, become the world's unique existence, which is the important of the country unique charm. Just a few short years, luxury furniture as a new web celebrity, become the object of all the people talk about. Light luxury actually refers to a kind of design concept, rather than a specific element, type of furniture design is a new type of space. In all kinds of luxurious furniture, Italian furniture has become the focus of attention. In Italy's genes, creativity and design is born, they always walk at the forefront of fashion, home decoration design. Since the 1960 s, luxurious style of Italian furniture began to appear in people's field of vision, still active, young not losing his touch. Light Italian luxury furniture is committed to create the charm of Italian interior landscape, continuously develop innovative, and to furniture, bedding and other home decor perfect combination, on the premise of comfortable build delicate, easily, the leisure life atmosphere. In order to meet the pursuit of fashion and personality of the successful people's tastes, Italian furniture is combined with soft color and atmosphere, create the most affinity style, spread all over the world, and spread to every household.
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