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Italian furniture prices are high and costly style, with the development of The Times, the furniture style changes and the increasing demand, then Italian furniture gradually extended to contracted, lightsome and luxury category, postmodern meaning type furniture later. The classical Italian furniture with its elegant design, pure and is famous for its beautiful lines. Delicate manual sculpture, delicate Mosaic, exaggerated or golden color adornment element is very popular during this period, designers often put them together in furniture design, form the classical Italian furniture. The Italian Renaissance, began to tend to be more humanized design, furniture design more gentle, more concise and smooth lines. In the contemporary Italian furniture, we can see the perfect combination of classical culture and modern design together. Post-modem Italian furniture design focuses on the design of elegant sculpture and comfortable. Retained the classic furniture of color and simple sense, adapted to the contemporary life space again. Use it, you will feel more satisfied on actual functions. Modern Italian furniture distinctive artistic personality and immediately, send out a strong space feeling, no longer destroy the elegance and romance. Modern Italian furniture represents the italians love of life, also represents a perfect understanding of life and pursuit. Only silently into the history of Italian furniture space, to understand the whole process of its development has experienced what changes, will be more love them, to their own home decoration design.
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