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Italian furniture is in the whole world is typical. Italian style furniture style luxury atmosphere, more choose of walnut, cherry wood and ju wood, there are a lot of metal Mosaic. The fame of Italian furniture is not only elegant appearance and material, also lies in its cultural connotation. So far, the charm of Italian furniture design still be inherited. Can say, it also for the world of modern design furniture design provides a new model. Italian designers get inspiration from life, it is interesting to note that their design has become the inspiration for the others. General relatively large size of Italian furniture, therefore more suitable for large area door model. On the one hand because of Italian furniture modelling is relatively complex, in the large space more harmonious; On the other hand, the line of Italian furniture is more fluent, need to have enough space to enjoy. It can be said that the Italian furniture is a kind of can appreciate the furniture from any Angle, especially positive vision is perfect. Italian furniture is more charm depends on its gorgeous, and the gorgeous not flaunt, in Italian, natural wood and metal sculpture model is not the simple furniture, but a work of art, not only need to every detail is carefully designed, also advocates focus on pure manual. In addition to smooth sculpture, metal veneer, and rich fabric finishing all is the sign of it. Also has a meaning type furniture carving history, scroll decoration and the rotation of the leaf shape modelling design comes from here. Italian furniture is in the Chinese market the main design including lilies, sun, winged angel and vortex decoration, etc. These adornment as a symbol of good luck and finds peace in his home in the west. Another kind of sculpture is in the head of a bed, this design is called lucky flowers, line is fluent, beautiful form more, not only a very delicate and beautiful modelling, and bring good luck to the person and content.
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