Teach you how to analyze the advantages of custom-made furniture?

With the continuous development of my country’s social economy, the post-80s.90s have also started to establish their own private companies. The continuous rise of these new companies has also brought huge profit margins to the market. Most companies purchase solid wood office furniture. Instead of purchasing directly through stores, you will directly look for solid wood office furniture manufacturers to directly customize the office furniture you need. So what do you need to pay attention to when purchasing solid wood office furniture? For corporate customers, custom-made office furniture first needs to determine the style and size of the furniture according to the area of u200bu200bthe office space. For the open office space and the area is limited, you can choose the screen station and office furniture to mix and match, so as to ensure the style and overall style of the furniture. Only in this way can a comfortable office space be fully and reasonably created. Secondly, when purchasing office furniture, the corporate buyer needs to ask the office furniture manufacturer whether the so-called solid wood office furniture is pure solid wood, because some self-proclaimed solid wood furniture is actually a combination of wood and wood, or solid wood veneer. For solid wood office furniture, the difference in its material directly affects its price. Therefore, when everyone is judging whether it is solid wood furniture and the quality is qualified, you can follow the following 5 steps: First, judge the solid wood material by 'smell'. Most solid wood office furniture has some light woody fragrance, and pine wood has some The smell of pine resin, camphor wood has a clear camphor smell, while fiberboard, density board, especially inferior boards, will have a strong pungent smell. So when you are observing, you can open the cabinet door or check the inside of the drawer. The second is to 'see' the advantages and disadvantages of wood from office furniture manufacturers. Generally, the main stress-bearing parts of our office furniture include: columns and the load-bearing bars between the connecting columns near the ground. Cracks or traces, and the overall frame should not be loose; and if the office furniture using wood-based panels is usually edge-sealed, if you are buying panel furniture, you must pay attention to whether the edge-sealing is complete. The third thing is to touch the surface of the tabletop or furniture, and feel whether the surface has been polished. In particular, you need to pay attention to whether the feet of the table appear rough, whether there are traces of the sprayed paint, and whether the surface of the furniture has any roughness. Cracks or bubbles, these details are very important to the service life and quality of solid wood office furniture. Next, we need to check the stability of office furniture. For solid wood office furniture, its safety and stability are very important. You can gently push the desktop or cabinet with your hands to check whether it is stable or whether it will 'creak' Sound; or open the two cabinet doors and gently pull forward with your hands, whether the cabinet will automatically tilt forward, etc., to ensure that the solid wood desk you buy is truly practical. Finally, it is necessary to ask the office furniture company or office furniture manufacturer about the qualification of solid wood furniture production and present the relevant classic office furniture certificate. Remind everyone that to buy solid wood office furniture, you need to go to a regular merchant or manufacturer to buy it, so as not to be deceived.

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