Teach you how to distinguish the firmness of office furniture

I believe many people know that what you pay for is what you pay for. Many people are always greedy when buying office furniture. As a result, some minor problems often appear after using it for a period of time. These problems are due to the low firmness of classic office furniture. So today the editor will tell you how to judge and check the firmness of office furniture. According to the survey, it is learned that modern office furniture has a certain degree of stability, such as the standard method of the stability of the plate-type file cabinet. When the movable part of the non-fixed file cabinet is opened, it can be stabilized to test the load-bearing capacity of the file cabinet. In furniture such as desks, the durability and strength of the desktop are tested. Using the desktop horizontal static load test method to check the bearing capacity of the desktop can be obtained. This method can effectively detect the firmness of the office furniture. From the point of view of mechanics, under the same conditions, it will be directly affected by the phenomena shown by other different forces, such as overload, twisting, bending, compression, etc., if the standard is not met. When it comes to the life and safety performance of office furniture, these are all within the scope of mechanical performance. When buying office furniture, don’t blindly choose furniture that is low in price but not of good quality. If you buy such furniture, it can only be used for a period of time and it will affect your office mood. Shanghai office furniture is very destined to office furniture. An office furniture manufacturer of quality and furniture life, specializing in manufacturing high-quality furniture for 20 years, we value every penny you pay and bring you the best service and the best furniture.
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