Teach you how to distinguish the pros and cons of office furniture

Recently, I was sitting with an office furniture installer and drinking tea. Drinking tea was basically talking about how to do business, and I felt that I was wondering how to make money. I saw someone on the Internet asking how to distinguish the pros and cons of office furniture? The installer told me a few points to distinguish the pros and cons of classic office furniture: 1. materials are huge office furniture that everyone usually sees, then these office furniture needs Strong materials, such as the support of executive desks, desks and chairs, filing cabinets, require harder wood or metal materials to be strong and load-bearing, while other materials can be used for internal materials; at the same time, desks, tea cabinets, etc. with different usage environments also have very different surface laminate materials. After inspecting the surface, we need to inspect the interior; open the cabinet doors and drawers to see the wood inside. Whether the inner material is decayed, you can pinch it with your fingernail. If you pinch it in, it means that the inner material is decayed. Smell it with your nose after opening the cabinet door. If the nose is flushed, dazzling, or crying, it means that the formaldehyde content in the glue is too high, which is harmful to the human body. 2. The surface paint part of the office furniture should be smooth. The paint part of the classic office furniture should be smooth and flat, free of wrinkles, and no bumps. The corners should not be straight edges, and the edges are easy to chip off and paint off. Only a smooth and flat paint effect can ensure that the paint is not easy to fall off. 3. The structural structure of office furniture can be distinguished by sound. By gently falling, knocking, and knocking, the sound is clear and clear, indicating that the quality is better; if there is a crackling noise, it means that the mortise is not tightly integrated and the structure is not strong. For some large pieces of office furniture, such as desks. Shake it with your hands, not stable, and listen to whether the sound structure is strong. You can try to sit down on the soft sofa. If it makes a strange noise when it moves and shakes when it is shaken, the sofa will not last long. 4. The office furniture has flat feet. By gently shaking the office furniture, such as a desk, on a flat ground, check whether the desk is shaking and reselect. How to check the flatness of the table top, by putting a glass plate, if it can be rotated, it proves that the table top is raised, if it is crushed, it is proved that the table top is sunken. 5. Fibreboard office furniture patchwork Fibreboard office furniture is generally used in the countertop manufacturers of the shift desk, by pasting veneer, pvc or painted paper, and pasting different according to different needs. When buying, pay attention to whether the pasting is flat or not. Whether there are bubbling and blistering problems, it is important to see whether there is a phenomenon of loose splicing. The loose situation can only be checked by light. The planed veneer is better than the peeled veneer. The veneer is more suitable for the wood. You can check the pattern to determine whether it is a planed veneer or a rotary cut board. Generally, the wood texture of the cut veneer is straight and dense. The song and sparse. For particleboard veneer furniture, the ground part must be sealed. If the edge is not sealed, the board will absorb moisture, swell and be damaged.
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