Teach you how to maintain colloidal office furniture

by:Senbetter     2021-05-24
made of rubber sheet has been regarded as one of the common materials of modern office furniture. However, the maintenance of office furniture made of rubber sheet has always been a big concern for corporate employees, and there are skills in the maintenance of office furniture made of rubber sheet. Then the furniture editor will share with you how to maintain office furniture made of rubber sheet: 1. It should be lifted and handled gently, especially to avoid collisions; when placing things on the desktop, heavier objects should be placed There is a support position on the table top, and a light object is placed in the middle. If you put a heavy object in the middle, the desktop will be more likely to deform over time. Do not put heavy objects in one drawer of the push cabinet. Long-term heavy pressure may deform the bottom of the drawer. The steel frame part of the panel office furniture can be cleaned with a soft cloth. 2. The desktop stain treatment method can be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in scouring oil, which can restore the brightness as new. The paint tape traces are highly viscous. The scouring oil is a good cleaning agent, but it is not good for the skin, so long-term contact should be avoided. It is difficult to remove the dirt on the surface of panel furniture after a long time of use. You can wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in all-purpose water or a clean and bright detergent, and then rinse the soft cloth with water to dry it to restore its smoothness. 3. Since the production of the offset plate is made of wood chips and glue, it can achieve a high-density thermosetting effect under the condition of hot pressing, thereby forming a piece of offset material. After later shaping, such as drilling, cutting corners, etc., it becomes furniture panels. With metal feet and struts, it can become furniture with good load-bearing capacity. Generally used on screen desks and decks. Because it is a sheet formed by hot pressing with glue, it cannot be soaked in water. Although Shenzhen Co., Ltd. applied waterproof material on the surface of the sheet and performed edge banding operations on all sides in order to solve the problem of water ingress. However, the tightness is not very strong, and we need to pay special attention in daily use to greatly increase the service life of offset furniture. Guangzhou office furniture-15 years of focusing on the overall production and customization of corporate office furniture, committed to all series of office furniture 'fashion and simplicity, environmental protection, no odor, high-end atmosphereIf your company happens to have classic office furniture procurement needs, you may wish to learn about office furniture. We will tailor your exclusive office furniture overall supporting solution for you free of charge. You are welcome to call us: 400-028-1816
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