Teach you how to make a custom procurement budget for office furniture

How much budget can you customize a set of good classic office furniture? This is the first question that many companies will consider before customizing classic office furniture. But it is also related to the material, quality, craftsmanship, and function of office furniture, which must be taken into account in the budget. When there is a budget standard, you must first have a detailed understanding of all aspects of office furniture customization, and then come up with a feasible purchase plan. As the saying goes: Every quality is worth a price. First determine what price range is needed for quality. There are solid wood, board, and steel in the choice of materials, and the most expensive board and steel are the second most expensive. It is recommended that if it is used as a staff office, the material of the plate is the most economical, and the steel has the longest service life and is not easily damaged; if it is an independent office for managers and other management, it is recommended to choose solid wood, which is classic and stable in style. Can highlight the unique style connotation, but the price should be optimistic.   The price of office furniture not only includes the material, but also has the value of modeling craftsmanship. Different shape designs are also very different in price. In addition to the designer's results, there is also the technicality of the design process. The more unique the shape, the more complicated the process. The molding process is classified into plate type, solid wood, etc., because these two kinds of details use many carvings, engraving and other processes, and the manufacturing process is complicated; the plate material is relatively cheap, and there is no pattern in the shape, which is mainly practical. It is suitable for staff office use; solid wood materials are mostly made with some unique designs added to the shape, full of modern art. The budget problem of office furniture is actually not difficult, and the problem of mastering the skills will be solved.

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