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With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, office furniture, on the basis of practicality, pays more attention to the appearance of various colors and novel styles. The original relatively simple solid wood classic office furniture can no longer meet the needs of the office environment. Therefore, the appearance of solid wood office furniture To be touted. So how to choose solid wood office furniture, let's take a look with the editor of Guangzhou Factory. 1. The space is different due to the decoration style and corporate culture. The choice of solid wood office furniture should be considered in conjunction with the company's entire space, otherwise it will easily conflict with the furniture placement and style. The overall style, style and color of the office should be unified, and the details can be changed. Use office space rationally to maximize the benefits of office space, adjust measures to local conditions, and balance development and privacy. 2. Integrity It is a complete combined system of all parts, and each product has different functions. Solid wood office furniture is not a consumable item. The choice should be “preferring to lack than indiscriminate”. There is no need for excessive furniture. In principle, solid wood office furniture does not exceed 50% of the entire indoor area as long as it meets practical needs. 3. Many solid wood office furniture in the sturdy and durable market are made of inferior man-made panels. When purchasing, the staff should pay attention to the smell of the furniture. If the smell is heavy and will cause people to cry or sneeze, it means that the furniture contains high formaldehyde and the quality is prone to problems. Solid wood office furniture does not need to be excessively beautiful, but is mainly simple and durable. The diagonals of the furniture need to be consistent, the floor is stable, and the hardware is strong. 4. Office space is generally not too luxurious for decoration, and solid wood office furniture should not be placed too much. Properly leaving space not only facilitates the staff to go in and out, move around, but also leave it for future adjustments. The space avoids the long-term aesthetic fatigue and makes the whole space lack of vitality. After all, modern people’s work lives often look forward to changes. The above are some shopping tips shared by the editor. This choice not only makes our office lively and has a sense of space, but also saves some unnecessary costs. The most important thing is to buy a suitable set. , Formal office furniture, get yourself a set of ornamental 'collectibles'.
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