The art of life, from the beginning of the modern Italian furniture

Italian is good at not only the life, more understand the status of art in life. Contracted has always been the characteristics of Italian furniture, simple in fashion and noble, and this is one reason for the enduring Italian household. Italy postmodern furniture style, fusion provides a diverse environment, make different style, with the meaning of this Shared relations close to habitant and habits. Postmodern design using a number of metaphorical vision symbols in his works, emphasizing the historic and cultural, affirmed the decoration for visual effect, the symbol of adornment is back, in the design of decoration consciousness and technique with the new development, light, shadow and construction components appear a space. Italy not only has authentic European classical style, as well as modern design of the most dynamic places. They will progress of industrial technology and the design creativity, the pursuit of aesthetic properties in the meet the functional requirements. Always love Italy, a lot of people are fascinated by its declining aristocratic temperament. In China, modern Italian furniture was once popular, people is infatuated with the blending of both rational and perceptual, for behind the artistic aesthetic feeling. More importantly, the burgeoning Chinese design is from the essence of Italian furniture to find suitable for China, there are more and more families decorate the environment that occupy the home to be permeated with the Italian amorous feelings. Renaissance Italian furniture style is mainly: the baroque and rococo, Roman, Byzantine popular at that time the European style, until the technology after the second world war, Italy began to emerge from the Nordic design style design, formed the unique local characteristics of furniture style, today, from Tuscany, Venice and milan's three big furniture style occupying the leading status in the international household style, become the main representative of Italian furniture style.
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