The characteristics of several surface treatment processes for office furniture

What are the characteristics of several surface treatment processes for classic office furniture?   1. Raw veneer veneer: Commonly used are walnut, cherry, teak, white beech, red beech, white oak, red oak, etc. The color of the veneer is from Shallow to deep. When manufacturing, the solid wood is first cut into small wood pieces about 2 mm thick, connected by special paste, and then pasted on the surface of the office furniture, then painted and baked. They are mostly used in solid wood veneer office furniture on the market.  2. Fireproof board veneer: wear-resistant and not afraid of being burnt, with wood grain, plain surface or other simple flower decorations, mostly used for board office furniture.  3. Plastic veneer: The surface is printed with wood grain and flower decoration by a public printing machine, the back is prepared with glue, and it is made by hot-pressing precision instrument glue.
technicians analyze three misunderstandings in purchasing office chairs
Office chair is a must-have furniture for every office. Whether the office chair is comfortable or not also affects the working status of employees, so you must choose carefully when buying office chairs. The following is our summary of purchasing office chairs for everyone Three misunderstandings.  Misunderstanding 1: The cheaper the office chair, the better  When buying office chairs, some people think that chairs are for sitting, and all kinds of chairs are used for sitting, so cheap and expensive are the same. When buying, we should not only pay attention to the price, but also consider the safety of the employees. We must purchase chairs that are breathable and environmentally friendly and will not harm the cervical and lumbar spine of the employees. Misunderstanding 2: Only choose office chairs who look at some face-saving bosses who want to make others feel that their company is very good and good, they will invest a lot of money in the flashy appearance, regardless of the quality and comfort of the chair. .  Misunderstanding 3: Believe that the more expensive the better  Before buying a chair, what we need to consider is the comfort and health of sitting, not for showing off. Some people feel that the price of a chair is relatively high and the quality is definitely good. In fact, the main purpose of buying office chairs is for employees to sit comfortably and to bring value to the company at work.   The above are the three major misunderstandings of purchasing office chairs. In fact, in general, buying office chairs is for your health. As long as you sit comfortably and don’t break easily, you are a good office chair. You don’t have to look at the flashy things such as price and appearance.
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