The charm of Italian furniture - — Design and practicability

Italian furniture in the world have high visibility, which has excellent design, sophisticated production technology and reliable quality, are widely used all over the world. Came to the modern Italian furniture, its in the design have change numerous for brief, remove the redundant carving decoration, to the modern fashion style. And formed the unique style of furniture. Italian style of family, from the point of design style, they are classic and modern two charming face, very closely the art and function. Italian is good at life not only, and understand the status of art in life. Simplicity has always been the characteristics of Italian furniture, thering is no lack of fashion and noble, this is one reason for the enduring Italian family. Italy has not only authentic European classical style, but also the most vibrant contemporary design. They will be advanced industrial technology and the combination of originality of design, the pursuit of aesthetic attributes that could satisfy the requirement of product functionality. Postmodern subtle and simple, minimalist style shows a strong sense of design. In the modern modelling, however, has a very noble temperament. There are several kinds of minimalist style in the world. Milan, Germany and the Nordic is one of the world's most important minimalist region. Is one of the most simple Scandinavian minimalist style, traces of industrialization, the largest is the German style and demonstrate in contracted is costly. No heavy and complicated, no excess, white contrast simple decorations collocation, there is no lack of elegant clever, there are noble temperament, everything is so simple, everything is so deep, more formed a popular trend. In Senbetter post-modem Italian furniture, we can see a plenty of white and light color fastens, make household environment is not in the simple but elegant taste, the design feels dye-in-the-wood, and built the household atmosphere of freedom and comfortable at the same time.
Senbetter can also foster research that is more useful and influential in society at large.
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