The color of office furniture is the most attractive visual language

The color matching is more and more showing the temperament and spiritual outlook of the individual and the company. Then, the editor of Guangzhou classic office furniture will introduce some color matching methods for everyone, and hope to bring you some matching methods, so that your office More perfect! Speaking of the history of color applications, we must first mention the concept of 'popular color'. Popular color is a fashion color trend accepted by most people within a certain time and space. It is affected by cultural traditions, national customs, regional characteristics, and even political, economic, and national relations. In design, color is a visual element, it is the expression of function and emotion, and has a certain common cognition in the performance of function (for example, red means warning, white means clean and quiet). Psychology and related studies have shown that when the human visual organ observes an object, the color perception accounts for 80% in the first 20 seconds, while the body perception accounts for 20%; after 2 minutes, the color accounts for 60%, and the body accounts for 40%; after 5 minutes Half and half, and this state will continue to be maintained. It can be seen that the impression of color is not only rapid, but also enhances the role of recognition and memory. At the same time, it is also the most emotional expression element, with rich expressiveness and appeal. Our classic office furniture is no exception! Color is one of the most basic elements of a product. It is an important way to distinguish gender design. Designers should start from the perspectives of environmental protection, ecology, energy saving and sustainability, and fully consider color according to different consumer objects and product characteristics. The match. Each color of classic office furniture has its own language, which will convey certain psychological messages to your colleagues and customers. For example, black office furniture gives people a sense of loneliness, but at the same time there is a kind of noble and solemn; brown office furniture makes people feel old-fashioned, but different concentrations of brown not only lose the old age, but also produce a bit of elegance; big red. Fans are too public, if they are matched with quiet and cool colors, they can show youthful vivacity; the white earthy yellow is too pure, if you hold hands with happy warm colors, you can easily reveal your own elegance. Furthermore, lavender and sky blue give people a quiet feeling; magenta and sapphire blue make people feel bright; sauce purple and moon white are elegant; pink and white convey youthfulness; dark brown and light yellow can make you look more mature; light gray Ink and black look solemn; vermilion and black can attract the other's attention; the combination of dark green and earthy yellow is the most natural; sea blue and light blue make people feel at ease; as for bright yellow and ink and black, it can give people the beauty of jumping.
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