The cultural expression of furniture, light luxury Italian furniture is popular

Analysts will find popular luxury goods, such as the growth of the Chinese middle class. Yes, it is generally accepted that the middle class will not deliberately buy luxury goods to promote themselves, because it is not necessary. Who is their judgment standard have higher cognitive, who has a bigger pattern; But, no personality, no feeling, no cultural products, middle class flatly refused to choose, because they always think are different from the public's overall cognitive. Due to the long-term development of the process of China's economy, a large number of parvenu gens is the main representative of the middle class. Therefore, combined with the rapid development of the Internet, they think that advocated by the middle class life style and consumption patterns is reflected. Overall features: light and decoration. So is the furniture industry. Have a personality, sense of design, environmental protection is necessary, a pursuit of brand concept deeply brand can meet the demand of the middle class. Moreover, it must be cost-effective. These furniture are present in a wide variety of styles, have clever design and natural comfort, on the material of product offered price space. People no longer care about, as it were, bronzing trace silver luxury furniture, also don't want to go home to feelings of depression, deep color of furniture of environmental protection is also very sensitive. So led to a 'luxury' light wind became popular. Look from the style, the current light luxury light mainly Italian luxury, Italy is the birthplace of global luxury. Strictly speaking, the core value lies in the cultural attachment of furniture, rather than the material of design aesthetics, it is only through objects to show the cultural atmosphere, nourish the body and mind is the highest state of furniture. Because furniture often by people with a long time, this is obvious. At present the furniture culture is limited to some symbols and pattern of increase or decrease, and not to the element. A stylist says, really reflect the product is the highest level of Chinese culture, no element is the highest realm. Simple line can draw the outline of the soul of culture. At this point, the use of extremely simple lines to express profound cultural concept is the best expression of 'luxury' light products. Furniture culture expression is not achieved overnight. Senbetter in product design, more exquisite collocation of the overall coordination, so as to achieve the visual effect and practicability of the high level. Senbetter is committed to create rich Italian charm of interior landscape, follow Italy ‌ ‌, Mediterranean design ideas of the traditional culture of its connotation is rich, various forms and rich variety. Senbetter paint technology in the world, leading high-end furniture industry environmental protection, elegant, is ever new.
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