The design of 7 large office furniture spaces is already a trend

1. Comb and hide the wires, strengthen the network security of the office line, perfect the clean office environment, and improve the work efficiency of the staff. 2. The interior space decoration is closer to natural color design: original wood color office desk, image wall or floor design. 3. The multi-functional area presents the combination of office and leisure negotiation, flexible conversion, and realizes the greatest practical function conversion; such as: oval negotiation table, which can not only create a relaxed and harmonious chat atmosphere, but also meet the office conditions of 4-6 people. 4. Designers are paying more and more attention to the layout of indoor furniture, reflecting the corporate VI associated with the company, such as corporate colors, LOGO, shape, etc., eye-catching visual aspirations. 5. The conference table is strictly designed according to the humanized ratio of the interior space and matched with chairs, walls, and the color of the business owner, bringing a pleasant experience to the group meeting. 6. The new base material innovation of environmentally friendly classic office furniture affects the long-term health and physical ability of employees; we will configure a more attractive and relaxing space experience through color ratio matching and striped vision~~~ (so that overtime is not tired , Haha~) 7. The office hardware combination of free movement, flexible installation and disassembly meets the needs of different space environments.

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