The design trend of office furniture

Novelty is a fundamental survival of future conceptual office furniture. The key to the conceptual design of furniture is 'new'. The difference between this novelty and the general sense of furniture design is that it emphasizes the originality of furniture. This peculiarity may be the peculiarities of materials. For example, the use of cardboard, plastic and other materials is more unique and peculiar in shape. Many masters are obsessed with the bizarre effects of geometric shapes after deformation, the reason is that they are unique enough.  Interesting is the elegant name for modern people to relax, and no one dislikes interesting things. The fun design of furniture is not only the humor of the furniture shape, the novelty of the structure, but also the cultural connotation contained in the furniture itself. Interesting design should be extremely rational and implicit, pursuing the fun of furniture products, satisfying the deep-seated spiritual and cultural needs, and also presenting an emotional need. Through the emotional process, people can establish a certain 'emotional connection' with furniture products, so that the originally inanimate furniture can express human emotions and feelings and become alive.  Globus is actually a multifunctional mobile office. The spherical design can be opened for office work. It can accommodate one person. Half of the spherical shape is a seat and the other half is a table, where you can put office equipment such as notebooks. It can be closed to reduce space when not in use. Globus has a variety of exterior colors and shapes.  Foresight is the most important feature of future conceptual office furniture. Foresight is to design and express with advanced vision and ideas. The design moment should enable its design to reflect and express a trend. Furniture concept design often pays more attention to the development laws and fashion trends of the furniture market, people’s aesthetics and life needs. Designers should have a forward-looking and forward-looking vision to guide people’s life and work styles through their works, and improve people’s lives. The aesthetic appeal. 1. Armchair This is a mechatronics mobile chair with a fixed flat panel display. It combines the mobility and comfort of the chair, and combines the integrated information technology and information interactive communication medium with the traditional chair. The above makes people's communication more convenient and the way to obtain information is more convenient.  2. Independent table    Independent table is a movable communication table for display, discussion and information interpretation. This kind of square table is designed with an electronic screen in the middle of the desktop. People can write or paint on the screen with a pen or even fingers. This kind of exchange table is also equipped with a cordless keyboard to make it easier to input documents. People can discuss and work around the exchange table. 3. Electronic wall The design goal of electronic wall is to provide a basic computer equipment that can meet the needs of the team. It is like spreading paper on the wall of the room to convey and demonstrate information. It can be embedded in walls, tables, and chairs. It is a device that uses touch sensors to communicate and process information. Through conceptual design, it provides an interactive interface in the office space to break the existing information headache model to promote more effective interpersonal headaches and the sharing of information with people.  4. Mobile office furniture  The most special idea is to design the shape of the personal work cabinet like a suitcase, which is refreshing and breaks away from the traditional rules. Aiming at the vision of the future office furniture space, the future classic office furniture will be designed with group communication and the development of personal creativity as the main design purpose. Whether classic office furniture can cover and integrate modern digital information, and whether it can effectively assist interpersonal communication relationships will become Very important. Excellent office furniture design will become an effective medium between the way of communication and the place of communication. Therefore, a bold conceptual vision of office furniture will be more helpful to the design and development of future classic office furniture.
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