The design trend of office furniture factory

With the rapid development of science and technology, traditional classic office furniture is becoming less and less suitable for the office environment of the younger generation of office workers, and personalized furniture is gradually becoming the mainstream. The future office furniture market depends on the future market environment, that is to say, it must be humanized as the premise, in line with the needs of office automation and the concept of virtual workstations, combined with the information network to become a personal workstation model development.   In fact, in the final analysis, there are now more emerging companies, most of the corporate leaders are the younger generation, and now personalized office furniture is more popular with young people, so the design trend of modern classic office furniture has begun to change!  1, Systematic   Future classic office furniture products must be designed with a systematic architecture, so that they are no longer just products of single form and single function, so as to cope with the changing work characteristics of the post-information era and the knowledge economy era. The systematic design concept also enables designers to demonstrate the characteristics of corporate image and work requirements in terms of flexibility and individuality of space planning.  2, digitization  The popularization of networks and the development of information have turned home appliances in the information industry into a new wave of mainstream technology. The design of office furniture also needs to meet the needs of the Internet world, and fully consider the application of wireless networks in furniture, so that it can be compatible with information products and become the carrier of information products, so as to have Internet browsing, information transmission and ubiquitous communication. function.  3. Motorization   The office of the future is no longer just a fixed form of planning. The rapid development of corporate globalization has increased the flexibility of corporate organization changes. The design of office furniture. It must also achieve the function of mobile adjustment, so that it can be expanded or reduced according to changes in organizational functions and business functions, and can be moved and combined to quickly adjust the spatial form.  4. Personalization    The proportion of working from home and personal entrepreneurship is increasing, and the upstarts in technology and internet also have more and more office forms. The accumulation of personal wealth has led to a rapid improvement in consumption concepts, so it is more personalized and tasteful. For the design of office furniture, it is necessary to consider some personal style and taste and refined design, rather than just ordinary commodities suitable for most people.  5. Integration   The design of office furniture in the future cannot only consider a single form or function, but must consider the integrated design between the prepared products. Maximize the sharing performance between components to meet the use of more space functions and the psychological needs of workers. As a result, the overall office is more coordinated and beautiful, and the office environment is thus improved.  6. u200bu200bEnvironmental protection  The awareness of environmental protection will be even higher in the future, which means that green environmental protection is the future trend of the office furniture market. Therefore, the application of furniture materials and the design of the structure should be considered for environmental protection, and meet the design requirements of reduction, recycling, regeneration, and reuse. The application of aluminum alloy materials, engineering plastics and recycled materials in product design will become a trend.   In summary, office furniture will undergo subversive changes with the development of information technology and network communications. Therefore, the design concept of furniture is also changing with the market. Modern office furniture must be humanized, rationalized and environmentally friendly in order to have a longer-term development market.
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