The development history of office furniture

As a member of the office furniture industry, do you have a history of the development of the office furniture industry? Do you want to know more about the development history of the office furniture industry? Then, let's go to the editor of Guangzhou office furniture to learn about the development history of office furniture. The office furniture industry has developed rapidly since the reform and opening up. The production technology of office furniture has been continuously updated, and the variety of office furniture has continued to increase, gradually forming specialized production. The management level of office furniture companies is also constantly improving. has gradually formed a profession. In the past, furniture was just tables, chairs and benches. Civil and office use were indistinguishable and not very separate. In the past few years, it has been divided into many categories, such as office furniture, kitchen furniture, traditional furniture, and hotel furniture. uses different raw materials, different production processes, different product standards, different use occasions, different sales methods, different after-sales services, etc., all of which are specialized in furniture. Guangzhou office furniture---office sofas At present, my country's economic construction is developing rapidly. The office conditions of government agencies have improved. Banks, securities companies, schools, hospitals, and enterprises and institutions have continued to expand. The demand for office furniture has grown rapidly. The production of office furniture in Guangzhou should be developing rapidly, and the market prospect of office furniture in Guangzhou is also optimistic, and now it seems to be optimistic. With the construction of modern office buildings, the original office space needs a large amount of office furniture supply, and foreign industrial and commercial enterprises set up offices in China, and the annual demand for office furniture is expected to exceed 40 billion. With the development of transportation, medical care, sports, and cultural undertakings, the demand for office furniture is also increasing. Guangzhou office furniture---screen work station. Future classic office furniture products must be designed with a systematic structure, so that they are no longer just products with a single mode and single function. Only in this way can we cope with the work characteristics of the changing post-information era and the era of knowledge economy. And systematic design concept. It also enables designers to have flexibility and individuality in space planning, and demonstrates the characteristics of corporate image and work needs. Panel office furniture---the popularization of panel desk networks and the more forward-looking development of information. This makes the trend of home appliances for information commodities more obvious. And office furniture design. It is bound to meet the needs of the online world. Be fully integrated. The office furniture itself has office functions such as Internet browsing, information transmission and ubiquitous communication. Guangzhou office furniture---the office of the future with screen work. It is no longer just a fixed form of planning. In response to the rapid development of corporate globalization and the growth of information technology capabilities. The greater the flexibility of corporate organization changes. Hence the design of office furniture. It must achieve the function of maneuver adjustment. Allows you to cope with changes in organizational functions and business functions. And expand or shrink. And can quickly move and adjust the space mode. The proportion of working from home and personal entrepreneurship is getting higher and higher, and there are also more and more upstarts in technology and internet. The accumulation of personal wealth has led to a rapid increase in consumption concepts. Therefore, they began to pay attention to individuality and taste of products. The design of office furniture must consider some people's personal style and taste and refined design. It is no longer just a popular commodity that matches most people. Guangzhou office furniture---The future office furniture design of the screen work station cannot only consider a single form or function. And must consider the integrated design between each product. Maximize the sharing performance between components. It can meet the use of more space functions and the psychological needs of workers. The overall office is therefore more coordinated. Beautiful, it can also improve the office environment. Panel office furniture --- Panel desk is under the high-tech command. is generally popular in cold foggy silver paint or aluminum alloy anodizing. Composite materials and punched steel plates are also commonly used in product design. To highlight the sense of modernity, technology and the future. Under the trend of technology, the functionality of products is more valued, and the speed of product innovation will also be faster. Guangzhou office furniture---office sofas return to the original point of individuality. In the future world, simplicity will prevail, so in terms of product appearance design. Will use simple and simple lines. To replace complex and diverse designs. In the past, multi-functional product design functions were sought. It is also not humane due to the complicated operation. Will gradually return to simpler operation and functional design. Environmental awareness will increase in the future; green design is an important design goal for future office furniture. Therefore, the application of office furniture materials and structural design. All must be considered for environmental protection. Meet the design requirements of production reduction, recycling, regeneration, and reuse. The application of aluminum alloy materials, engineering plastics, and recycled materials in product design will become the mainstream. Guangzhou office furniture---screen work position has become the mainstream office design in response to changes in work patterns and knowledge work. The style of the space is more diverse. The design of the furniture is also towards more relaxed and lively elements. Under the standard office furniture modular structure. The choice of equipment with both leisure and office functions has become a creative source of space embellishment. The color of the office is combined from single to multi-color, which makes the office space more sensual in the rational atmosphere, and also adds colorful expressions of office furniture, which makes the space full of vitality and enthusiasm. After understanding the development history of the office furniture industry with the editor of Guangzhou The office space is full of vitality and enthusiasm.

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