The difference between panel office furniture and painted office furniture

When buying office furniture, how much do you know about panel office furniture and painted office furniture? Will there be entanglements when choosing? Now let’s first understand the difference between under-panel office furniture and painted classic office furniture. 1. Painted classic office furniture at different prices is generally much more expensive than panel office furniture, because panel office furniture does not need to be as complicated as the production process of painted office furniture, and the cycle is so long! So the price is different, Everyone should know this. 2. The grades of office furniture with different paint grades are high-end and show great demeanor. Generally, paint office furniture is placed in the boss’s office, because the boss of an enterprise is the leading force of the enterprise. If you choose panel furniture It's a little bit 'stingy' and not up to the grade. Panel office furniture is mostly used in the general staff area.  3. Different surface materials   Now let’s talk about the problem of materials. Painted office furniture is pasted with veneer or a piece of paper, and then a layer of paint and protective paint is sprayed on the surface. Panel classic office furniture is a top-painted surface plate, and the surface does not need to be treated, which is naturally different.  Four. Differences in performance   Paint-like office furniture has a fragile surface and scratches easily, while panel furniture is much stronger. The surface is smooth and hard.  5. Different color choices  Paint office furniture has a single color, while the surface plate color of board office furniture is changeable, and there is a large range of options, which is very suitable for the color diversity of modern decoration design requirements!

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