The influence of office furniture design and collocation on the office environment

In our office, I often come into contact with office furniture. So, do you know what office furniture can do for us? I am here to talk about the role of furniture in environmental offices. When it comes to the role of office furniture, we should discuss it from two aspects. On the one hand, it has a certain material function, on the other hand, it has a certain spiritual function. In terms of materials, it can not only meet the needs of some office workers, but also realize the opening, closing, opening and closing of the space in the space organization. Specifically, it can be seen from four aspects: separate space. The separation of large office space and office furniture can make the space continuous, continuous, and easy to contact, and is also conducive to the rapid reorganization of the space and the acceleration of intelligence activities. Balance the space. The volume and location of office furniture are important factors in the spatial layout. The layout is appropriate, and the space composition can be balanced. Expand space. The indirect expansion between office furniture and office furniture is based on its versatility, storage and stackability. There are three main methods: wall cabinets or wall shelves, multifunctional classic office furniture or folding office furniture, and wall-mounted cabinets. Rack style. This greatly increases the space available. Space is limited. Although office furniture does not have the function of closing or blocking the line of sight, it can be divided into different use areas, and then people's movement routes can be organized indoors to satisfy multiple functions in the same room. In terms of spirit, the main function of office furniture also includes the following four aspects: First, to give people artistic enjoyment. Stylish and harmonious office furniture and its combination can increase the fun of the office space, so that office workers can feel the space and enjoy the artwork. Second, reflect office culture and create a specific atmosphere. can serve the personality of the space, create and set the atmosphere, and express different styles through external or internal factors (such as shapes, colors, proportions, materials, etc.), thereby reflecting all aspects of employees' mentality, character and philosophy. Affairs. Show office culture. Third, adjust the color of the office environment. The color of the indoor environment is a combination of the inherent colors of various elements constituting the indoor environment. The inherent color of furniture is also one of them. It can harmonize the overall color and create a harmonious environment. Fourth, reflect the times, customs and regional culture. The office furniture is engraved with clear era and local brands, conveying rich cultural information.
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