The Italian furniture bed more to your heart? Take a look at what are the advantages

Italian furniture, bed generally has two kinds of materials, bed and Italian leather bed which good? This is a big problem, many people are confused when choosing the material of the bed. Cloth bed and bed have distinguishing feature each, was deeply loved by people. Which one is better than another? Here's how to find the answer. A bed, let's take a look at the features of bed cloth has the characteristic of simple design style, simple technology, fashion, warm, easy to clean. Its design is simple and can be dismantled individually when cleaning, clean and dry. Variety, not only have not by accident, and the style is various, optional combination collocation, the price also is not very high. The characteristics of leather, leather bed bed is characterized by high quality, leather bed show nobility, the head of a bed and bed frames looks very high-grade. Secondly, in appearance, it broke the traditional sense, the use of soft and comfortable. Three, cloth or leather bed bed, how do you choose? Its color design is very good-looking, color cloth art bed passes stylist clever design collocation, the style of whole bedroom is full of warm, fashion, soft. Leather bed, usually with white, purple, brown wait for color. General deep color, not like the bed is so beautiful and colorful. But the skin texture of the bed is better in bed. Modelling leather bed in art design mainly through elaborate modelling to show their noble quality, so the leather bed though relatively narrow in the color selection, but on modelling is superior to the various style, of its own. For our cloth bed, bed cloth mainly through simple and comfortable design highlights originality, relatively few in modelling the choice of cloth on the bed. 3. Prices in general, the raw material of leather bed is the result of animal fur, after a series of processing. As you can see, labor costs and the cost is relatively high, so the price of the leather bed is generally more than ten thousand yuan, and cloth art bed material mainly by the cloth and the cost of raw materials are relatively low, so the price is low, suitable for most people. Yong state meaning type furniture, inheriting the classical Italian style, in order to bring you contracted high-end household environment, to create the furniture and lamps and lanterns, decorations, bedding and other household and make perfect mix build, on the premise of guarantee comfortable, created a delicate, easy, casual life atmosphere.
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