The main development trend of today's office furniture customization industry

According to relevant information, in view of China's harsh environmental problems, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has issued a series of environmental protection laws and launched many environmental protection rectification actions in various places. The 'Whole House Customized Household Products' industry standard was formally implemented. The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce and other relevant departments jointly reviewed and formed the 'Draft Market Access Negative List (Pilot Version)What is the status quo of Rudang? The editor of Guangzhou Factory will analyze and analyze with you. 1. Environmental protection is not something that individual companies attach importance to, but the primary issue that every furniture manufacturing company must pay attention to. At present, custom-made mainstream enterprises mainly use melamine veneer as the main substrate or use vacuum blister for surface decoration. Paint coating is rarely involved. Therefore, the relative environmental protection problem is not so prominent. Even so, there are still pollution sources. Substandard panels, vacuum blister decorative materials, adhesives, and air emissions from some technological processes may cause unenvironmental results. 2. Nowadays, in the current situation of classic office furniture, many 'bad' manufacturers will have many negative 'small actions' when customizing their products, such as substandard product materials, cutting corners for small profits, and replacing parts. Regarding these issues, the editor's point of view is: companies should put work responsibilities first and quality assurance first. For the industry to develop, these issues will surely become the driving force for the advancement of the industry. Responsibility to customers is to be responsible to yourself. 3. 'Environmental protection remediation' and 'environmental protection strategy upgrade' have become the two key words of environmental protection issues in the household industry. Based on the current severe ecological environment, it is foreseeable that this 'environmental protection battle' will be a protracted battle, a war that can only be won but not lost, and I hope to advance hand in hand with you. Through the above analysis, the editor deeply understands that the theme of 'environmental protection' is really important nowadays. Nature’s resources are limited and we cannot abuse them. Therefore, we should better develop and develop recyclable resources. For our health, in order to live in a good environment, we should make every effort to develop environmental protection.

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