The matching mode of office furniture

The matching mode of office furniture The matching mode of modern office furniture is more and more different from the previous traditional mode. However, remote office has become more and more popular, so let's get to know the editor of Guangzhou office furniture and office furniture! With the increasing popularity of mobile technology, devices such as mobile phones, laptops and handheld computers have been widely used in daily office. People can work while traveling, or sit in Starbucks and drink coffee to read documents and reports. In fact, in some countries with advanced mobile technology, the number of people working remotely in different locations has begun to exceed the number of people sitting in the office. Guangzhou office furniture---The wide application of wireless technology in the screen work position makes classic office furniture more fashionable and personalized. Whether it is a fixed dedicated workstation or a temporary small office space, various office environments must facilitate the collaboration between staff , Because today’s work is no longer simple and involves many complex tasks, requiring employees to think in many ways, taking into account the needs and backgrounds of various customers, it is very important to establish an interactive office space. Office method and specific office location. Guangzhou classic office furniture---screen work station Independent mobile workstations make the office space more flexible and changeable. Four working modes. The first is for employees who work alone. This type of 'my' space is usually a dedicated desk. Or a temporary office, which facilitates independent thinking, writing and concentration. In this case, attention should be paid to the privacy of employees. The second is the two-person collaboration model. Everyone often visits each other, turning the 'my' space into a 'you and mine' space, which is helpful for information sharing, exchange of ideas, and cooperation in accomplishing tasks. The survey shows that more than 80% of the time spent working alone or two people working together in a day, many companies have noticed that some extensions should be made to the 'My' space, so as to facilitate communication with visitors. The other two modes are groups of three to five or large groups of six or more, which can be called 'our' spaces. The more people in the group, the more ideas and the greater the probability of making the best decision. However, more ideas mean more information needs to be shared, more issues discussed, and decision-making time will be longer, which sometimes leads to a decrease in work efficiency. However, no matter which mode is adopted, each mode must complement each other in order to effectively improve work efficiency. In addition to the above four working modes, the rise of new technologies has also brought about a new phenomenon of 'third place' office. The so-called 'third place' is the third place in addition to your own desk or shared desk. The three office locations can be leisure areas with office conditions, small meeting rooms or bar counters, etc. Employees can leave their own office space to adjust their mood and improve work efficiency in a comfortable space. Some suggestions for planning office space The best personal workstation should meet the needs of personal work and two-person work at the same time, and if you want to make it an efficient office space, you should pay attention to the following points: (1) Maintain privacy and interactivity Balance: Employees can not only think independently, but also collaborate with others. (2) Flexible functions and easy control: Help employees complete work tasks and realize communication and sharing with others. (3) Facilitate communication between people: do not disturb each other, but support the exchange of ideas. (4) Technical support: including voice, data and power support for fixed and mobile devices. (5) Storage device: easily obtain the required information. Guangzhou classic office furniture---screen workstations For the 'our' work model, the office space should have the following facilities and furniture: (1) digital and model display media; (2) intelligence that allows storage, printing, distribution and Internet access Whiteboard; (3) An interactive video display device that allows users to share, demonstrate, modify and store content; (4) Access to the company network; (5) A mobile table that can be easily reconfigured; (6) For informal conversations Leisure chair; (7) A cabinet that can be used by the group to store work materials and tools.

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