The modern interpretation of classicism - — 2020 Italian furniture design trends summary

If you want to be the trend of high-end Italian furniture design of 2020 do a simple summary, that is the modern interpretation of classical luxury goods. When Italian design become outstanding, synonymous with luxurious and elegant, its advantage lies in combination of handicrafts and modern innovation quality, it also benefit from the Italian designer from generation to generation. True luxury in continuous improvement every day, and constantly in material, design and product quality for investment and development, this is the secret of luxury goods is difficult to copy. In fact, over the past decade, great changes have taken place in light of luxury furniture market. Because every year in the rapid development of modern furniture, the furniture of Italian style is to keep up with the rhythm of this especially on the surface processing and material aspects of the material, in order to better foil interior atmosphere. Under the influence of modern materials and design, the traditional meaning type furniture design is becoming more and more concealed and low-key. Single, of course, meaning type furniture style has gone, replaced by a number of different style and concept of mutual integration of space. People generally focus on high quality, experimental and innovative products. People want is not only a unique home, and it is a unique, delicate, comfortable and harmonious home, trying to find a balance between function of luxury and comfortable experience. On the color application, modern and classical style of product lines and the development of the color change is becoming more and more tend to be neutral. Modern light color series is very hot, but this does not mean that they will become 'flat' and standardization. In terms of three-dimensional layout, more and more stylist tend to the concept of fuzzy space, let the home every room is more and more interconnected. Kitchen life, for example, in recent years, great changes have taken place in our lives, it must be from the 'food cooking area' into the center of family life, or turned into contact with the other space, suitable for group living place of the communication. We pursue both solemn grand, emphasize the rational harmony and peace, and the pursuit of romantic adornment sex, in the pursuit of rational and at the same time give a person with infinite daydream, the overall design sense of drama and passion, is the symbol of a noble life.
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