The office furniture factory tells you: how to prevent the rust of tin cabinets

manufacturers have found that many offices now use metal cabinets. Metal cabinets can help us organize materials, documents and other office supplies, and become a good helper for office workers. In the past, many offices used more wooden filing cabinets and file cabinets. But we all know that the price of wood is high. At the same time, some wood file cabinets may have harmful gases such as formaldehyde exceeding the standard, which not only pollutes the office environment, but also harms the health of office workers. But metal cabinets do not have such a problem, not only safe and environmentally friendly, but also long service life.   Even if the iron cabinet is of good quality, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion and rust prevention, it cannot be placed in a humid environment for a long time to prevent rust and oxidation of the metal surface of the cabinet. We can use a cotton cloth dipped in a small amount of anti-rust oil to wipe the door of the iron cabinet. If you find that the metal cabinet has started to have rust spots, you should apply cotton yarn dipped in engine oil to the rust as soon as possible. This can remove the rust. You can't directly use sandpaper and other rough materials for sanding. Only pay attention to the maintenance of the metal file cabinet. It can prevent the tin cabinet from rusting.  How to make the service life of metal cabinets longer? Here are some tips for office furniture and furniture for everyone to use.   1. The office where the metal cabinet is placed should be dry and ventilated.  2. The surface of the iron cabinet should not be exposed to sunlight for a long time.  3. It is strictly forbidden to scrub the sprayed surface of the tin cabinet with gasoline, high alcohol, pine perfume, and banana water. This will make the sprayed surface lose luster and fade.  4. Keep the iron cabinets clean and free of debris.   After reading the introduction of the office furniture factory, I hope to help everyone learn how to maintain the metal cabinets daily so as to extend the service life of the metal cabinets.
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