The other side of the light and decoration - — Italian furniture design aesthetics

In 2017, the birth of light 'luxury', 'luxury' and 'light of luxury brand' these two words appear in public, has been attracting the attention of consumers. Compared with luxury brands, lightweight luxury goods prices lower, on this basis, they have very high quality and brand awareness, and therefore accepted by more customers. And have been popular ever since. In light of luxury furniture can stand out in recent years, is the postmodern meaning type furniture. Light and decoration can be said to be the representative of modern decorative style. In order to give prominence to the style, it will often add some classical elements, so that the overall appearance is a little history. Light and decoration, can be seen as a fusion of modern and classical, representative is light luxury Italian furniture. With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more customers to pursue good design and high quality light luxury Italian furniture. For many people, however, the traditional furniture of high prices is still not satisfactory, many modern furniture brand can't meet the requirements of quality and design. This dual demand, at this time, 'light' luxury meaning type furniture naturally appears. Positioning in the high-end, has a unique life experience, is popular among high-end white-collar workers. That is to say, the light of luxury Italian furniture style emphasizes the combination of modern and classical design principles, in fact, luxury can only be a reflection of the quality of life, but apart from others in the eyes of visual impact and noble luxury, their inner feelings is also vital, life, and will always be their own lives. Light luxury Italian furniture, in addition to meet people's inner glory, also meet the demand of the quality of life of consumers, to balance the two. This is also the two young luxury style of decoration is more and more popular. In product design, more exquisite collocation of the overall coordination, so as to achieve the visual effect and practicability of the high level. Its connotation is rich, various forms and rich variety.
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