The placement of office furniture screen partitions

The classic office furniture factory recommends that indoor compartments should be carefully designed based on factors such as job classification, feng shui viewpoint, and movement principle. In terms of the principle of moving lines, it is necessary to consider smooth air flow and obvious simplicity. Be wide and straight, not bend randomly, and not pile up debris on the moving line. Regarding the division of ranks, of course, the higher the position, the lower. In terms of feng shui viewpoint, it is quite complicated. Generally speaking, there are the following matters to be noted.  1) Internal compartment-office furniture   The door is facing the door of the internal office. It is a rush of feng shui, and the airflow is easy to rush in directly, which is easy to cause personnel disputes on the tongue. It must be considered when the internal compartment.   Of course, you should not face the door of the toilet as soon as you enter the door. This is a very poor design. Think about it, if you enter the house and see the toilet, will there be any good luck?   Some feng shui masters think that the doors of the office should not be opposite, otherwise the staff will have many disputes and affect work efficiency. But there are also Feng Shui masters who don't think so. In fact, according to the author, door to door doesn't matter, just don't face the toilet door.   The boss’s office must be a separate office, and open space is not allowed, because the company’s business must be confidential and must be screened. The number of floor space for the boss and supervisor should be appropriate or slightly small and elegant. It should not be large and unreasonable. Some bosses often separate large rooms for their own use in order to highlight their status. In fact, it is a poor pattern in Feng Shui and will be detrimental to career development.  2) Office screens should be low.  Many offices have adopted partitions popular in Europe and the United States. There are many cubicles in the same office. Form an independent office space for everyone. Although this approach takes care of the privacy of personal office, it is not suitable for all offices. Imagine that there are many small cubicles in a large office, forming many small offices, which will inevitably affect the light and movement of the entire space, both of which are very important for the office. Most companies talk about teamwork. Only an open and bright space with a large layout can create good results. If it is a small square, the interaction between people will be reduced, which will easily lead to self-centeredness and self-confidence. If it must be used, the partition board should be shorter to reduce the light from being blocked. Only when the light is good, it is easy to make money.  3) Office screens and plant decorations in the office   Among all the things that block the evil, plants and office screens can be used by everyone. Other things, such as gossip mirrors, copper bells, salt water, talisman paper and swords, etc., because they involve more professional content, therefore, we are not encouraged to use them casually and can be used under the guidance of professionals.  Plant selection   Try to use broad-leaved green plants, other colors, small leaves or even vine plants. Not only can they not help you block the bad magnetic field, but if you use it incorrectly, it will have the opposite effect.  The choice of classic office furniture screens  classic office furniture is the most important material, it is best to choose wooden screens, including bamboo screens and paper screens, which are all wooden screens. The effect of plastic and metal screens is relatively poor, especially metal screens, their own magnetic field is not stable, and will also interfere with the human body's magnetic field, it is better to use less. Furthermore, the height of the screen should not be too high, and it is best not to exceed the height of an average person standing. Otherwise, the center of gravity of the screen that is too high will be unstable, but it will easily give people a sense of oppression, and will invisibly cause the user's psychological burden.
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