The romance of light and shadow - — Italian in the light of luxury furniture glass material how to maintain

In recent years, in addition to the wood of all sorts of material is applied to the production of furniture, such as glass. Italian luxury furniture often applied to glass elements, bright vitreous furniture can add many color for the family, contracted and fashionable glass furniture can improve indoor air qualities, at the same time under the action of lamplight, glass can reflect all kinds of romantic aura. But the fragility of glass furniture also let many people a love-hate relationship. So, selection, purchase and maintenance has become two big problems. How to maintenance the glass in the Italian furniture furniture? Furniture size scale for visual effects and the bedroom has a great impact on the everyday use of the space, especially vitreous furniture. Before buying, must first be accurately measuring the size of the indoor location, then choose the furniture of suitable size, so the choice of furniture, first of all, starting from the furniture specification. Household maintenance is the most headache housewives, buy furniture luster bright, when I come home for a period of time will be dark, if clean way wrong, not only to restore the original color, the furniture may be damaged, thankless. Yong bang small make up the search for everybody here for some glass furniture maintenance tips, you might as well try. Daily cleaning, wipe with a wet towel or newspaper can, if there is a obvious besmirch can dip in with towel or warm beer vinegar is wiped, can also be used on the market at present sell glass cleaner, avoid using strong acidic alkaline cleaning solution. Contains the meaning type furniture glass material good, but do not touch the glass surface hard at ordinary times, in order to prevent the glass table surface scratch. If the glass tea table, put something also should pay attention to not too hard, to put light, avoid collision. The utilization of glass material shows the variety and artistic meaning type furniture. This greatly enriched the modern household environment and spirit to enjoy. In order to keep yong state meaning type furniture is beautiful, bear in mind that maintenance is in place.
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